Google Sandbox: All You Need to Know in 2023!!

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If you ever launched a new website you have gone through a phase where even SEO activities were not helping you in Google Rankings. Well, this is the fact almost every website faces in the starting phase. Even some marketing experts define the Google Sandbox as a major reason behind the same. In other words, there are huge chances that Google has put your website on the waiting list due to Google Sandbox.

Now the question is how Google determines when your website is ready for coming out from the Sandbox. And ready to fly high on the Google search page.

But before starting with the same. Let’s take a quick overview of what Google Sandbox is and how does it work?

What is Google Sandbox and it’s Working!

In the initial days of SEO, especially in 2004, SEO experts noticed that their new websites were not ranking on Google. Even after putting a fine amount of effort into the same. Whether on other search engines like Yahoo, the websites were appearing in the search results.

After a certain period, the experts came up with a theory about Google Sandbox. Even though it was not officially announced by Google. Other marketing experts like the Velsof team justify the Sandbox as a compound of various SEO algorithms. Also, the motive behind the working of these SEO algorithms is to define when a new website is ready to join the family of existing competition and is ready to rank on the Google search page.

Thus, to overcome the Google Sandbox effect as soon as possible you should always keep your website SEO-ready and genuine content management on top of the priority list.

Reasons Behind the Poor Ranking of New Websites:

Reasons Behind the Poor Ranking of New Websites

1. Lack of Relevant Content:

Google has an advanced mechanism to ensure that only relevant and most helpful contact is delivered to the searchers. For the same reason, Google refreshes and analyses the content quality after a certain period of time. And ensures it is connected to the topics only. Thus, in case Google finds out appropriate content is absent, there are high chances for your websites to be sandboxed.

Thus, for the same reason, before expecting the sounding results, you should be spending a fine amount of work behind your websites to make sure an authentic rank on the Google Search result page.

2. High Competition:

Google Sandbox is not the only reason behind the lower rankings of new websites. High market competition is one of the major causes that stop new websites from ranking on the Google search engine. This is the point where you will have to add additional efforts.

The best you can do here is to find out some of the keywords that is having low competition and their search rate is good.

On top of that, Google adds a twist to the game, as Google does not offer the same priority to the new websites in comparison to the existing ones. The reason behind the same is that Google analyses the workings and other SEO aspects by taking proper time in the analysis. Thus, in the following case, you should start with the less targeted keywords and maintain a good ranking for the same. Once your website gets noticeable results for the low-competition keywords, you can start working on the higher-competition keywords.

3. Lack of User Engagement:

Modern Search Engine Optimization algorithms are much more advanced now than ever before. Google even tracks the user bounce rate, click rate, and the time spent by the average user on a website.

In case you recently launched a website and the user traffic does not seem authentic to the Google algorithms, there is a huge chance your website will be sandboxed by Google.

Thus, in the following case, you should focus more on getting organic and inorganic traffic to your eCommerce websites. However, if you are not able to get enough organic traffic to your website. You can always take aid from paid marketing methods to enhance your overall website traffic.

How Long Does Google Sandbox Effect Last?

How Long Does Google Sandbox Effect Last

Well, it depends from individual to individual how long they get stuck in the Google Sandbox. Even if you try harder and maintain quality SEO, it may take up to 4-5 months for your website to maintain a healthy ranking. Along with all the other aspects, you can work on backlink creation in the meantime. But there is a thing to consider here. Google knows which backlink should be considered as a backlink and which is just for formality.

Thus, rather than focusing on the number of backlinks you should be more focused on the quality of backlink creations for your websites.

Wrapping Up!!

In the end, we would like to recommend you take the quality SEO straight and continue till your website gets higher on search pages. Moreover, at Velsof, we have experience of 10+ years in eCommerce development and SEO. You can also hire Velsof as your SEO expert agency. Find us at our email address [email protected] for getting a quotation on your requirements.

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