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How to Optimize Voice Search for Improving SEO of Your Website?

  • By Nitin Jain
  • March 30, 2023

Voice search is no longer a trend it is gradually becoming an integral part of our lives. Smartphones and smart speakers are the primary devices by which the majority of internet users interact with voice assistants. No matter what working sector you’re in, voice search offers important features to attract organic search traffic. By using voice search, you can reach a new group of consumers who use their smartphones and smart speakers to look for businesses and make purchases.

Your site’s overall SEO and rating can benefit from focusing on voice search. When websites are voice search optimized, search engines favor them. This can give your site more authority and, as a result, higher positions on results pages, possibly even high enough to appear in a voice search result.

Some Methods to follow for Improving the SEO for Voice Search are below:

Some Methods to follow for Improving the SEO for Voice Search

Keywords Optimization

As already established, voice searches frequently use different wording than text searches. Compared to basic keywords, they are more detailed, longer, and more likely to be whole queries. We’re accustomed to speaking in complete phrases that go into greater detail than we do when we are typing. When considering interaction cost, this also makes sense: The majority of people find that typing down a question requires more time and effort than speaking it out loud. Because speaking requires less physical and mental effort than typing so voice search inquiries are lengthier.

One of the finest things you can do to optimize your content for voice search is to target long-tail keywords, particularly question keywords. By doing this, you’ll attract users who type in longer, more detailed inquiries.

Mobile Friendliness

If you want to appear in mobile search results, you must provide a great mobile experience. Even though this is a crucial component of Google’s algorithms, there are still websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

If this is the situation with your website, visitors will click on it and then leave right away since the page doesn’t display properly on their device. This is a clear indication to Google that your page is unworthy of being ranked, and it will harm you for both voice search and regular search inquiries. Because the majority of traffic now comes from mobile devices, as we previously told, current SEO is all about the user experience.

Website Speed

Your website's performance is an important factor for your business

Your website’s performance is an important factor for your business which you must have thought of. Before the user experience is at stake, it is generally accepted that a page must load in under two seconds. Another Google ranking element, similar to mobile optimization, that influences how well your site appears in voice search results is page load speed. It’s all about the experience as Google wants to deliver results that will satisfy users, and nobody likes a slow website.

You can speed up your website in several different ways. To start, we advise using Website Grader or another speed-checking tool to see where your site stands. Next, check if any of the performance optimization procedures have an impact and further improve the speed accordingly.


When using voice search, people frequently ask queries. Google is fantastic at giving you amazing insight into the queries people are commonly asking, which is a terrific feature. Check out the answers after typing a question about your website. Numerous queries have the FAQ feature available, which also displays the frequent inquiries of your target audience.

You can start developing incredible content that provides the answers to those issues once you have a clear understanding of the queries people are using to seek information. Provide information, ease their problems, and make it fun for the audience. You’ll have a great chance of ranking higher if you can accomplish this more effectively than all the other websites.

Multilingual Support

Google can recognize roughly 120 distinct languages for voice searches. While this enhances the user experience greatly, ranking can become very difficult. Further, it is difficult especially if your website has visitors from all over the world. It is crucial in this situation to concentrate on multilingual SEO and pay close attention to voice search.

Remember that customers frequently utilize voice search in their native tongue, making multilingual SEO very crucial. Visitors looking in their language won’t be able to reach your website if you don’t optimize it for many languages. So, multilingual support is a prime need for the website.

In The End!!

We want to inform you in this article about the different methods you can use for optimizing your website’s voice search functionality. Further, in case you have any ideas for your e-commerce business then you can connect with us at [email protected]. If you have any requirements for the website or mobile app for your business then we will be happy to assist you.