What are the common mistakes done by SEO Services in India?

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Common mistakes done by SEO services in India | Velsof

Avoid these common SEO mistakes for improving site visibility and performance.

Big and small mistakes are bound to occur in every walks of life be it professional or personal level. However, the impact of mistakes at professional level might have severe consequences and may affect the long term business chances. In an online business environment, SEO is the indispensable element of every business strategy as it ensures the effective online visibility and presence on various search engines. Ignoring the SEO efforts for your site will not help your website in improving its customer reach and presence.

No doubt, various companies are availing the SEO services to regain their online presence and visibility but some of them fail also due to the SEO mistakes that affect a site performance and visibility. Let us now observe the common mistakes done by various SEO companies in India that does not allow them to achieve desired business results.

They are not targeting the right keywords for your online business-

Although, SEO has changed a lot since its initial days of keyword stuffing and targeting but still keywords have not lost their significance in the changing SEO scenario. Before targeting the keywords for your site, SEO companies need to first perform a detailed keyword researching about popular searched keywords, high ranking keywords and LSI keywords for grabbing desired business results. If you are not sure about a proper SEO company who specializes in the task of keyword researching, we will advise you to go for Velocity which is an established name in SEO services in India.

The company is ignoring the website design, navigation and structure-

Most of the SEO companies are only giving emphasis on keyword targeting and often forget about the other important components of a website. For improving the SEO performance of your website, your hired SEO services company should analyze the design, navigation and structure of your website. Velocity, a reputed SEO company in India can involve its experts in improving the critical aspects of website design, navigation and site structure.

The pages of your site are not linked properly with each other-

Link building is an important part of SEO activities as they ensure the effective performance on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This important SEO activity is often ignored by the various SEO services and pages of a site are not properly interlinked. For better search engine results, it is important to manage your broken site elements, eliminate disfunctional or obsolete links and implement redirects to right pages of the site to get instant recognition in India as well as in overseas.

The content of the site is not properly managed and appealing in nature-

With the constant improvements and innovations in SEO services, the search engine crawlers are giving added importance to the site content for better online visibility. You need to ensure that your site content is authentic, legitimate in keyword usage and relevant to the user requirement for grabbing desired online presence and visibility. With the introduction of new search algorithms such as Google Humming Bird, Google Panda, Google Penguin and others, optimized content has become an important part of SEO strategies. Our SEO company, Velocity located in Noida, India can improve the reachability and performance of your site content among your targeted customers through its off- page and on- page SEO activities.

Don’t let your money and efforts go wasted by hiring an incompetent SEO services for your website. If you are capable to improve the performance of your website on various search engines, you will not face much problem in enhancing your conversion rates and sales for your website. In case you want your site to be known well among your targeted customers in India and overseas, you need to contact Velocity through phone number +91-120-4243310 or email us at [email protected].

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