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6 Reasons Why Laravel Will Be the Best PHP Framework in 2022!!

  • By Nitin Jain
  • October 26, 2022

PHP is one of the oldest and most reliable languages in web development technologies. Web developers find PHP easy to use because of its easy-to-code structure. If we talk about the most popular PHP framework, Laravel tops the list. Web development companies find Laravel time-saving and reliable because of its readability. Later, in this article, we are going to discuss why Laravel will be the best PHP framework in 2022. Picking the best technology is the most important aspect of any project. In other words, frameworks and technology are the factors that define the efforts and time for the projects.

Thus, not only choosing the right framework important for projects, but also other aspects like testing, third-party developments, and many more, play an important role in the timeline analysis.

Although PHP has a wide variety of frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii2, Zend, etc. Yet, Laravel is the first choice for web developers. So, let’s find out the reasons that make Laravel one of the most capable frameworks for PHP.

What is Laravel?


Laravel is one of the trendiest frameworks for PHP. Taylor Otwell released Laravel as an alternative to Codelgniter, which is for sure a framework for PHP also.

The first stable version of Laravel was introduced in 2011. Moreover, the most popular and widely used version of Laravel is 5.6 (Feb 2018). Laravel got most of its popularity after the official release of version 3.

Not only was version 3 considered as a major update of Laravel, but it was also loaded with advanced features such as Artisan. Moreover, Laravel version 3 showed more punctuality with the databases, which attracted worldwide developers.

Why Should You Use Laravel for Web Development?

Undoubtedly, Laravel is considered the most advanced web development framework. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers numerous benefits to developers to make their projects easier.


Model, View, and Control-based Structure:

As the most popular PHP framework, Laravel supports model, view, and control-based structures. In simple words, the framework is based on easy-to-use object-oriented syntax.

Moreover, Web developers can master the object-oriented structure of Laravel within a very short period.

Artisan Console:

Laravel allows developers to create custom commands. Moreover, the framework has its command line interface, introduced as Artisan.

PHP developers can manage database connections using Artisan, but they can also take care of other important tasks such as designing new controllers, package publishing, and more.

Task Scheduling:

Although this feature was not introduced in Laravel version 3, yet, the team introduced the task scheduling option in Laravel version 5. The Scheduler depends on Cron to run Artisan jobs. In return, the Scheduler executes configured tasks.


The Laravel Eloquent Object-relational Mapper is incomparable to other frameworks. Further, this advanced PHP framework has an inbuilt ORM system defined as Eloquent.

Moreover, Laravel’s ORM allows web developers to easily interact with database objects and database table relationships using easy coding syntax.

Blade Template Engine:

As another adorable advantage, Laravel comes with its pre-built templating engine, Blade.

The blade allows PHP web developers to use its pre-defined control structures such as loop control statements, conditional statements, case statements, and so on.

Blade works as a combiner for more than one template to show better outcomes. Not only is the Blade behind the crystal-clear results of code using Laravel, but it also improves the code execution time by turning the templates into cached PHP codes.

Thus, it is one of the strongest reasons that attract web developers to choose Laravel over other frameworks.


Laravel offers cloud-based multiple file systems for the Web development community. The Laravel coders can save their work online using Amazon S3 and Rackspace cloud storage, but they can also use local storage for saving the files.

The fun fact is, in case you want to switch the storage option, the APIs will remain the same even in the case of online to offline.

In other words, Laravel coders can use all 3 storage platforms to save multiple files. Moreover, it will not affect the code structure if the files are spread in different locations.

In the End,

From small projects to larger ones Laravel is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks to use. Not only do Laravel coders claim it as a time-saving technology, but also the code execution and memory management are amazing. One of the things that makes Laravel a good choice of a PHP framework is the wide variety of in-built features.

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