5 Reasons for why not to hire an OpenCart Development Company for your Website?

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5 reasons for why not to hire an OpenCart development company for your website? | Velsof

OpenCart development services are the result of combined efforts from individual OpenCart developers.

A standout amongst the most tempting explanations behind OpenCart being among the most utilized eCommerce Platforms is that it is extremely basic, straightforward and an instant eCommerce store. In single word, OpenCart is a standout amongst the most convenient eCommerce website solutions. On the off chance that you ask me that for what reason I incline toward OpenCart over all the progressed eCommerce solutions, I would say – I don’t need to put in weeks and months in comprehensing this platform, it is so convenient to utilize that even a non-coder can play with it like an childhood toy. From installation to accepting orders on the eCommerce site, everything goes so easily. You can install it in the blink of an eye (light weight), You can design it in minutes (most effortless back-end structure), you can set up your usable site in a matter of moments (ready-to-use).

You should think I am so fixated on OpenCart that my article underneath this line would doubtlessly be a one-sided one. I figure, it is not so. As the heading of this article proposes, I am not going to lead any appreciation ceremony for OpenCart here. Truth be told, I need to deliver some flighty focuses that would highlight the dim side of each smooth play. In spite of the fact that despite everything I say about OpenCart being the best,even the best has a few privileged insights that can’t stay covered up for long.

Here, I am not pushing any OpenCart development company. Truth be told, I would let you know the occasions when you ought to abstain from going to them for your OpenCart site. In this way, here are the focuses that say “You ought not hire an OpenCart development company” in the event that you have all these proficiencies in you:

5 reasons for why not to hire an OpenCart development company for your website- OpenCart Development Services | Velsof


1. In the event that you are a specialist and you needn’t bother with any advice-

Let’s say, you know everything about OpenCart as it is a very convenient platform.

a). You have gone through the online tutorials,

b). You know a lot about PHP coding,

c). You have a good hand in Web designing.

Means you are a jack of all having knowledge about all the requirements of OpenCart development services.

2. If you can develop the OpenCart themes-

Themes play a great role when it comes to the Open source eCommerce platforms like OpenCart. As these platforms are Open source, anyone can have an access to them and can use them to launch an eCommerce site. Now the question is, If everyone can use them then how not all the OpenCart sites look identical? You must have seen a number of sites developed on OpenCart platform, so why they look so different from each other if they are developed on exactly the same platform?

The answer to this question would be the OpenCart themes. The OpenCart themes are designed to personalize the look and feel of the generic OpenCart site that make them stand out from the rest of OpenCart sites on the web. Themes are not just developed at once, there are a number of ways to finally design a working theme. For example, PSD to OpenCart template conversion and OpenCart template design are one of them. So, if you are a good designer too and can develop an OpenCart theme/template by yourself you will not require an OpenCart development company, I guess.

3. If you are a proficient OpenCart extension developer-

Above all, the OpenCart possess certain proficiency in launching a fully functional eCommerce site on the go. But, if we consider the competition in eCommerce market, we will see that there are a number of other sites like the one you have. All of these sites are trying their best to lure the customers towards them. Considering such an environment, your online business would not survive a day if your site does not provide anything out of the box. Because, whatever is there inside the box is used by each and everyone who are using the OpenCart CMS. For this to happen, you would require developing some useful OpenCart extensions that would provide the out of box functionalities to compete with the rivals. So, if you are a proficient OpenCart extension developer too, then you would not want to go for the OpenCart development services either.

4. You are an SEO expert too and know the standards for SEO friendly coding-

Developing a commercial site is something different from your IT school project. Here, SEO plays the most important role. You just don’t need an eCommerce site, but you need a site that is visible to your targeted customers. For this to happen, you would want your site to be an SEO friendly site and this starts with the coding phase itself. You cannot just make it rank by depending on post development SEO efforts. You have to develop a responsive, adaptive and faster loading site that is favored by the search engines. If you already know how to develop a responsive, adaptive, and faster loading site with all the considerations for template and theme designing, and you also know about the stuff likes, what is the Google Penguin, Google Panda, Rank brain, Google AMP, and Google Hummingbird then you are an OpenCart development company in yourself.

5. If you can handle the conversion optimization-

Conversion optimization is a process of making sure that whatever you offer on your site (products, offers, discounts, PDF downloads, Sign ups, Sharing) is being accepted by the users. Even a slight improvement in your conversion rates can generate a huge revenue from your online business. But if a site is poorly optimized, the conversion rates experience a decline that results in in losses. So, if you are a good conversion optimizer too, who have a knowledge of the stuff like, A/B testing, Heat map tracking, and all the considerations of a positive conservation optimization strategy then you are good to go.

Any OpenCart development company who works for the OpenCart development services has dedicated professionals and experts for all the proficiencies mentioned above. The skilled and expert professionals who have the respective expertise in technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, jQuery etc. work collectively to provide an OpenCart development services as a whole. It seems unrealistic to say if a single person can perform all these tasks in a dedicated time slot with equal proficiency to produce an efficient and competitive eCommerce site. If someone can really have these in one, then he/she is a whole OpenCart development company in one, and he/she might not require any help, I guess.

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