Principal Arguments for Laravel Being the Best PHP Framework in 2022

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Comparing numerous PHP Frameworks, Laravel is frequently considered the finest. Customers can get Laravel framework development services from Velocity” as it is a company with numerous active PHP projects. Choosing the right tech stack for your upcoming web development project can be challenging, as we are well aware.

We’ll give you a brief Laravel review in order to help you grasp the procedure. We will list 10 reasons to choose Laravel rather than looking for reasons why it is a bad decision. the Laravel framework Laravel is used for what purposes? What sets it apart from other frameworks?

Today’s world is running primarily through mobile devices, especially those with applications, it doesn’t matter if you use an Android or iOS device. To rule the IT industry, numerous mobile app development companies are in competition with one another.

However, building any application requires a lot of time, work, and skill. It demands the experience, commitment, and skill set of a mobile app developer, above all else. The IT market is dominated by two types of apps: web apps and smartphone apps.

To build both apps, any developer would require reliable resources, platforms, and tools. Finding the right resource or platform requires the expertise of a mobile app developer.

The PHP framework is typically the language of choice for creating any type of web or mobile application. In a similar vein, PHP includes the open-source programming language Laravel. Some of the highlighted reasons why Laravel is the greatest PHP framework for development in 2022 are listed in the article today. then let’s get going!

Why is Laravel Framework the best PHP framework, exactly?

The answer is that database migration is generally simple. Database compatibility concerns between SQL Server and MySQL are resolved by Eloquent. By changing information about Laravel’s setups, it also makes sure to provide a seamless flow while switching databases.

Additionally, one may assist in asset packaging and handle database migrations and seeding using the Artisan Console. The function shields users from creating code skeletons. Additionally, users can migrate code with comfort and convenience.

Highlighted Features of Laravel Framework


One of the best PHP frameworks created by Taylor Otwell is Laravel. The following amazing community-driven features are now available:

  • Outstanding Source of Security

The Laravel PHP Framework takes security seriously and integrates it into its design. It is an important part of the database, and the framework makes sure that security is embedded into the layout of your website.

Additionally, the website uses hashed passwords to prevent any credentials from being saved in plain text. The Bcrypt hashing method is used to obtain an automatic token in encrypted form. Every time a specific user logs in to the system, it starts to operate. By doing this, you can help prevent unwanted access to your website.

With its pre-established SQL statements, Laravel additionally guards against injection attacks on your database. Additionally, you can use the following security features found in Laravel on your website.

  • Eloquent ORM and Object-Oriented Libraries

Because it comes with an inbuilt object-oriented library, Laravel is regarded as one of the best PHP frameworks. These libraries include many great features, like the ability to reset passwords, keep track of active users, use an encryption technique, prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and more.

Additionally, Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping is a feature of Laravel (ORM). You can more quickly retrieve data from your database with its aid. This characteristic makes it easier for database objects to build relationships with one another.

  • Artisan Instructions

The built-in command-line tool known as Artisan makes Laravel the original PHP framework, among other things. It allows programmers to automate difficult and repetitive operations. The tool allows developers to handle data setups and download MVC files with a single command. It utilizes the potent Symfony Console.

  • MVC Assistance

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) web architectural pattern is included in the Laravel Framework. It is simple to use and excellent for creating a big or small online app. PHP projects typically involve working with unstructured code. You can manage a large project with more than five files with the aid of MVC. Your coding structure becomes simpler, making it simpler to maintain. It gives developers control over how their web programs display after deployment. Additionally, it aids in their structured problem-solving.

  • Task Planning and Management

The time is spent on particular tasks when developing a web application. These chores may need to be put off in order to keep the development process moving. The distribution of a weekly email to all of the subscribers is the ideal illustration of this.

  • Automatic Packaging System

Businesses need packaging when distributing software to customers. It allows programmers to distribute the application to all users, regardless of the platform they use. Excellent web app packaging reduces customer support costs and upholds company standards.

The Automatic Package Discovery property of Laravel offers the possibility of automatic package discovery. The client benefits from it during the installation process. It also enables them to recognize possible packages that they might wish to install and to turn off any superfluous functionality.

  • Engine for Blade Templates

A template engine is required for some program-building operations in order to manage contextual data in the web application. The template engine connects the data model, runs the template’s source code, and outputs the results to a particular stream or text file.

With the help of excellent layouts, the Blade Templating Engine that comes pre-installed with Laravel helps developers make the development process more efficient. Blade Templating Engine provides a framework for creating and displaying files using loops and conditional statements. Additionally, it extends designs and exposes data without slowing down the program’s speed or performance. With the use of its advanced content seeding, it can also allow developers to create a creative and distinctive layout.

  • Effective Testing Tools

Before releasing the web apps, it is crucial to run unit tests during development to make sure all of the code complies with quality standards. Laravel typically allows users to run unit tests using PHP Unit, a unit-testing library for PHP.

Using Laravel, developers may simultaneously check unique test approaches based on the requirements of particular applications. They are allowed to alter the solution to do fewer operations or include more complex unit tests. Laravel can eliminate time-consuming unit tests and create high-quality, bug-free PHP applications.

  • Open Source Language


The most crucial aspect that distinguishes Laravel as the best PHP framework is that it is open-source and completely free. To further explain, the framework offers its customers the benefits listed below, including:

  • Community of Devoted Laravel Developers
  • New modules and plugins are released.
  • More room for personalization and modification
  • online lessons and resources at your disposal

Laravel is frequently chosen by developers over other PHP frameworks because of its superior features and solid foundation, which enable the framework’s creation and ongoing improvement.


These are the top factors that make Laravel one of the top PHP frameworks in 2022. There are other additional factors as well, which you may learn about on the official website, that make Laravel the most unique and long-lasting web app framework ever.

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