4 Reasons to have a Content marketing Strategy for your eCommerce business

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4 reasons to have a Content marketing Strategy for your eCommerce business | Velsof

Content marketing is a crucial element of your website SEO

The significance of content marketing for eCommerce brands has been fundamentally developing from time to time. Content promotion is a way to stand out among the best routes for online businesses to market themselves. More specifically, in light of the fact that the customers pick just to purchase that product which interests them, that is the products that are relevant to them. Unlike the conventional advertising or marketing strategies which include all (relevant and non-relevant) seekers in its wave.

Truth be told, factually, content marketing can build your conversion rate to nearly 6 times. The normal conversion rate of websites with content advertising is 2.9%, contrasted with the normal of sites without a content marketing strategy, 0.5%. That reason alone is sufficient to embrace (and flawless) a content marketing system, however, it’s not by any means the only reason. Consistently, content marketing turns out to be increasingly pivotal to a brand’s prosperity, particularly in the eCommerce segment.

In this way, here I have abridged four more reasons that advocate the need for a content marketing strategy for your eCommerce business:

1. Aware your customers about your brand:

Researches say that customers feel more connected with the brands that produce contents for making their life easier. By making their life easier means, brands ability to reach out the customers when they actually need a solution in the brand’s domain.

The more successful is your content marketing, the more you provide solutions to your customers, and the more connected they start feeling about your brand. Thus, improving on your brand’s awareness front without bragging about yourself as in conventional advertising.

2. SEO has a special place for content marketing-

SEO and content marketing are two interlinked areas that go hand in hand to improve your visibility among your customers. SEO with content marketing makes sure that pages from your website are shown on the SERPs among the top listings so that more and more customers can see the businesses your website is offering. More the relevant contents you produce, the more is your chances to be shown in the search results on the targeted keywords in the contents. However, there are certain cautions and best practices you have to follow which are laid by every search engine. For example, stay away from keyword stuffing, produce contents that are relevant to your domain etc.

3. Customer base expansion-

Social media is a great platform to work on the customer base expansion front. When you choose social media to reach out your customers using the articles and other content postings, it makes a strong impact. The relevancy of the content for the customers is maintained up to a large extension as these social media platforms provide unlimited ways to identify the likes, dislikes, and interests of the social media users. Connecting with customers via social networking platforms, having your articles reposted, and visitor posting on amicable sites are all fabulous procedures for pulling in new business and getting your name out there among the most potential customers.

Indeed, even a perfect content alone will accomplish this. In the event that your post demonstrates esteem, it will be reposted and shared by the social media users. A prologue to your image through a perfect article makes a solid early introduction for your brand.

4. Building Brand Loyalty-

The relationship with a customer does not end with a successful purchase or sale. In fact, it is a beginning of building brand loyalty. Some awesome contents published by your brand can bring back customer as repeated customer. Customers who have already done a business with you have a higher chance of conversion than getting a new customer to your website. So, make your first impression good, provide some great after sales support and publish more and more for your current customers to make them repeated customers.

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