Take care of these factors contributing towards eCommerce Abandoned Cart

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Take care of these factors contributing towards eCommerce Abandoned Cart | Velsof

Work towards reducing eCommerce abandoned carts for a better business future and customer engagement.

There are certain things which if not controlled on time can be devastating for the long term expansion plan of your business. We are not talking in riddles but are actually talking about abandoned carts on an eCommerce site. These Abandoned carts are a clear sign that something is not good with your website which is pushing the visitors away from your site. Due to these increasing incidents of shopping carts abandonments, there is a breach of trust and loyalty among your customers regarding your website.

This needs to be corrected at the earnest as it can have a catastrophic effect on the conversions and sales of your online store. However, you can eradicate a problem only if you are aware about the various origin sources in order to grab higher conversions and sales for your eCommerce store. Below are some of the possible reasons that can be the contributing factors for the rising eCommerce Abandoned cart on your website.

You are having an unappealing design of your website-

Online shoppers will tend to engage with an eCommerce site only if it is offering an engaging and appealing website design. This is because if your website is able to grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers only then, they will love to spend time on your site. If you are successful in getting their required attention on your site, there is a high possibility of converting these visiting customers into potential customers for your online business. Thus, it will not be a mystery for you to understand the effect of web design on site conversions and sales.

Your website is difficult to navigate around by your customers-

Having an appealing web design is not enough for achieving higher conversions and sales, you need to make it more navigation friendly. Site admin need to remove the various elements that may hinder the smooth movement around your website. You need to ensure that there are no heavy background elements, flash player addons, non linked internal site pages, mismanagement of the product catalog and other such components that can help in increasing the instances of eCommerce abandoned cart. If you are able to improve the navigation of your website, you will be able to answer this critical question- How abandoned carts can affect your eCommerce business chances?

The checkout process on your site is a major disappointment-

You need to understand this simple fact that the major aim of online shopping is to provide desired products to customers in a quick and smooth manner. A checkout process is the main component that can make this possible and is also one of the primary reason of high eCommerce abandoned cart for an online business if it not simple and less time consuming. There are number of people who come with the intention of making an online purchase on a site but often leave a site in the middle due to the presence of a lengthy and complicated checkout process. In this way, you can easily understand the impact of checkout process on abandoned carts to improve your business fortunes.

Your website is testing the patience of user while loading-

No online shopper would wait to make on online purchase from a site which takes more than 2-3 seconds to load properly. You need to minimize the loading time of your website to keep your customers engaged to your site for higher conversions and sales. Remember that slow loading time increase abandoned carts on a site, you need to take the help of various speed optimization tools and techniques to solve this grave problem. Some of the things that can help in loading speed optimization of your website are compressed high quality images, use of responsive web design, inclusion of javascript and CSS files, utilizing a CDN facility for your website, speed optimization tools like Page Speed Insights, GT metrix, Pingdom and others, use of Nginx server and other such methods.

For all those eCommerce site owners who are eager to make their mark in their particular business segment needs to keep a track of all these crucial factors. If you are able to find the effective resolution of all these problems, you can effortlessly reduce eCommerce abandoned cart for your online business. If you need further assistance in this area, you can take the help of eCommerce abandoned cart services of Velocity by giving us a call on the number +91-120-4243310 or dropping us an email at [email protected].

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