What role does eCommerce Enterprise Services play in your online business?

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What role does eCommerce enterprise services play in your online business? | Velsof

A successful eCommerce business is composed of a wide range of factors. From the choice of platform to the choice of eCommerce SEO services, everything is just so connected. If anything goes wrong, you might have to pay fortunes to recover. So, it’s always an eCommerce enterprise company who available with its eCommerce enterprise services to help you out in different situations.

Here are the few situations and their solutions that eCommerce enterprise services can help you with.

1. E-Commerce website setup-

Which eCommerce platform is the right choice? | Velsof

Which eCommerce platform is the right choice?

eCommerce website setup is the most important part of your online business start-up as it needs to you select an eCommerce platform. The selection of an eCommerce platform depends on your volume and requirement with the business. For example, OpenCart and PrestaShop platforms are ideal choices for managing a small and medium sized eCommerce start-ups. In order to go for a large scale eCommerce business setup, Magento is a recommended platform because of its advanced B2B, B2C, and various enterprise level features. Choice of a correct eCommerce platform depends on various factors like size, volume, nature, and location of the business you are looking for.

2. E-Commerce website SEO and content management services-

E-Commerce website SEO and content management services | Velsof

E-Commerce SEO as an integral part of eCommerce enterprise services.

For any kind of online business, visibility is a crucial factor. You cannot offer business to the customers unless they can find you while searching for relevant keywords on the search engines. Leveraging the eCommerce SEO services can the one tool for gaining a visibility with your online business. You have two options. Either you care about planning your business strategies or get stuck in managing an SEO team on your own expenses. Managing a niche based SEO team would really be a headache and would shift your focus from your business to SEO. Just for this reason, eCommerce SEO services are provided in the eCommerce enterprise services to make sure that experts are hired to doing your job and you do not have to maintain a whole infrastructure just for doing SEO.

3. E-Commerce Enterprise Search-

What role does eCommerce enterprise services play in your online business?- E-Commerce Enterprise Search | Velsof

eCommerce enterprise search is an important part of eCommerce enterprise services.

Searching play a very crucial role in an eCommerce store. Customers will not enjoy looking at each and very item on your store just to find their desired product after a long battle. To make sure that users on your eCommerce site are enjoying a faster and engaging user experience by easily able to access your products, eCommerce enterprise search is a great option to acquire from your eCommerce enterprise services. By availing an eCommerce enterprise search service it can be assured that:

  • Your customers are able to search any product on your website without any lagging.
  • Your website’s search speed is improved and also the accuracy of the search results.
  • Your website provides the searching option based on multiple parameters like product name, product category, product description, product attributes.
  • The customers are provided the option to checkout or add a product to cart from the search result itself.
  • The misspelled search queries are automatically corrected using the inbuilt dictionary.
  • The search results are correctly linked with the products to get them to correct product pages when clicked on.

4. E-Commerce abandoned cart recovery and reduction-

What role does eCommerce enterprise services play in your online business?- E-Commerce abandoned cart recovery and reduction | Velsof

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem in eCommerce world.

Shopping cart abandonment is a very common problem among all the eCommerce sites. According to a survey, out of every 10 shopping carts, 7 are abandoned by the customers. It means that those seven carts which could have been converted to a sale were lost because the customers did not like something on your eCommerce site. This ever increasing number of abandoned carts on your shop are the mirror to show you that your losing fortunes.

The eCommerce abandoned cart recovery from the eCommerce enterprise services can be leverage to get multiple solutions to reduce the shopping cart abandonment on your store. This service can help you to:

  • Improve your checkout process by making is compact in a one-page checkout structure from the multi-page checkout system.
  • Reduce the number of total steps to complete a checkout process. Thus optimizing the checkout length.
  • Integrate social login to make sure your customers do not have to fill an account registration form to complete a checkout process.
  • Optimize the page loading speed of the checkout page
  • Prevent frequent page redirects and refresh that irritates the customers.
  • Capture the email id of the abandoned customers
  • Send automatic serial reminders to the abandoned customers from time to time.

Concluding, these are some of the most important eCommerce enterprise services that can be helpful in running a successful eCommerce business. These are just a glimpse of what eCommerce enterprise services can have in its truck for your online business. There are various other eCommerce services in these categories which cannot be mentioned in just a single post. Services like PIMS integration, Helpdesk services, eCommerce product reviews, eCommerce shipping integration, Google Shopping integration, and much more.

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