When is the right time to go for Magento Maintenance Services?

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When is the right time to go for Magento Maintenance Services | Velsof

The right time to go for Magento development services is now

Every Magento website owner is aware of the fact that a generic Magento powered eCommerce site is not enough to face the global competition. You have to always come up with something new and innovative to establish your niche in the eCommerce world. What is mean to say is there is no fixed time when your Magento site might need the Magento Maintenance Services. Point is, the actual need of the Magento maintenance services starts right from the day when website is launched in the eCommerce market.

Face the breeze of eCommerce-competition-

Each day you have to face something new in your market and you have to stay updated with your site to face it. It’s not just about the issues and bugs on your website, you cannot even afford to loose your grip in the market with outdated feature and options on your store. Websites are evolving each day and they come up with innovative ideas each day to maintain their grip. The Magento maintenance services are one of the innovative ideas that you can have as a base of all the innovation with your eCommerce website. A Magento expert developer by your side is all you need here. A developer who can-

  • Troubleshoot the issues
  • Train you with the website management
  • Install plugins on your Magento
  • Update security patches
  • Optimize website speed and performance and
  • Keep your Magento updated

To run a successful eCommerce business, it is very crucial to always stay ready on the above-mentioned fronts.

How does Magento maintenance services work?

The Magento maintenance phase is the last step in a Magento web development project. However, the maintenance phase is not completed in a one shot. It stays important as long as the website is live. Magento website owners leverage the Magento maintenance services from the service providers to resolve various issues, update the website and it’s security patches, include some new functions and much more. So, it’s a long run process and practically not easy to do it without a proper planning.

The key techniques required during the time Magento maintenance services have been illustrated underneath:

  1. Evaluation: The Magento development service providers perform an initial analysis of the problems. It’s an overview to understand what is the exact issue wit the system currently.
  2. Backup: After getting an initial understanding of the issues, backup with the current site status is taken to make sure there is always a way back in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Implementation: The bugs are identified and fixed by the expert Magento developers. They also optimize the site speed and page loading speed. In the meantime, if any other bug or issue is encountered, the developers’ team work on fixing that issue too.
  4. Update: The Magento platform is updated with latest tools and resources. Also, latest security patches are applied to make sure the system stays secure. During this phase, new functionalities and extensions are also introduced to the system is required.
  5. Review: The whole implementation is then reviewed and tested to make sure every thin works fine.
  6. Launch: If everything works fine, and testing team makes a clearance to proceed, the system is made live with the newly optimized and implemented features.


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