Holi celebration at Velocity

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Holi, the well-known festival which is also known as the ‘festival of colors’ was celebrated at Velocity this time on 10th March 2017. It was such a mind blasting day filled with so many Holi memories for all the employees of the company. They were asked to dress in colorful outfits to stay in sync with the festival. Everybody was feeling excited regarding the celebration.

Finally, the time came and the celebration was kick started during lunch.

Spicy Surprise: The very first surprise for the employees was to find a small stall of Pani Puri that was a tasty starter and was sure spicy. It was like the inauguration of the festivity.

Lipsmacking food: After that, the Velocitians got a special Holi meal, with a huge variety of tasty Indian food. The thali included Paneer, Chole, Rice, dry mix veg and a lot more. The best was the Holi-special Dahi Vada with special garnishing of cherry on it. There was a special drink for all which was specifically prepared for the occasion and this was ‘Thandai’. All of that was very happening and it left everyone guessing- what will be the next??

Fun with goggles, colorful wigs, and masks:

Holi celebration at Velocity- Fun with goggles, colorful wigs, and masks-1 | Velsof

Holi celebration at Velocity- Fun with goggles, colorful wigs, and masks-2 | Velsof

Post the sumptuous lunch, the employees got ample time for clicking photos and selfies to capture the memories of the day. For that, the management had something peppy in mind and that’s where stylish frames, colorful & funny wigs, and Ball masks stepped in. Well, that was something worth remembering for every body present there.

Entertaining performances:

Holi celebration at Velocity- Entertaining performances-1 | Velsof

Holi celebration at Velocity- Entertaining performances-2 | Velsof

You all must have heard of live performances and the Velocitians were just about to have their share of performances. The hidden talent of the company came on the stage where every individual performed their genre. Some killed it with their soulful voices whereas; others cracked jokes and did mimicry to share a good laugh. The company witnessed guitar performances as well. It all came to end with the national anthem.

Colors of Holi:

Holi celebration at Velocity- Colors of Holi | Velsof

What is a Holi celebration without anyone playing colors? Well, the best was saved for the last and once the performances came to an end. The management and employees came together and were painted with the same color and then there were no differences. While all were playing colors, the peppy music is what made everyone groove.

At last, everyone was served “Gujiya”, the dessert-of-the-occasion and it all came to end with lots of photos clicked with the painted faces.

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