Benefits of selling on Amazon with Amazon Integration Services

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Benefits of selling on Amazon with Amazon integration services | Velsof

It’s time to go centralized with Amazon integration services.

Today, 2 million sellers are already selling on Amazon in the hope of making a profit. This information about a huge number of sellers on Amazon marketplace is enough to tell how fruitful it could be to sell on an already established marketplace with a huge base of customers. But as a wise businessman you should not just go for the data, you should understand yourself and then take a decision if the Amazon integration services would be fruitful for your business?

The answer depends on what’s your aspiration and requirement with the business and what can you do to make it larger. Here, I am going to enlist top benefits that you can receive by integrating your online store with Amazon marketplace.

1. A centralized control panel

Typically, when you register as a seller or merchant on Amazon marketplace, you allowed access a seller panel on the Amazon site from where you can manage all the product listings, shipping options, order fulfillment and all your functionalities as a seller on Amazon. Now, if you already have you own eCommerce site on your domain, it becomes very complicated to manage two different platforms and stay updated with all of them. Both the platforms are important for you as an eCommerce site owner and a seller on Amazon. You cannot afford to loose sales on any of your two platforms.

This complication can be magically eliminated by using Amazon integration services. The Amazon integration services will integrate a fully efficient dashboard on your own eCommerce site itself. It uses the official API provided by Amazon for such implementations. Now, you do not have to worry about managing two separate platforms. You can manage your Amazon account plus your own eCommerce site from your site’s dashboard itself.

2. Manage Amazon Product feed from your own website

The dashboard integrated on your website’s back office will provide you a user-friendly interface for managing the Amazon product feeds. You can prepare a product feed and set up a cron to automatically upload the product feed to Amazon. It will reduce the overall burden that you might have to face in manually uploading the product feed feeds. Different profiles can be created where you can map your stores’ categories with Amazon categories. Moreover, you can also map the store’s attributes with the Amazon’s product attributes. Let’s not forget the shipping options where you can select your own shipping options to show on your products or you can choose the fulfillment by Amazon to use the carriers provided by Amazon for product shipment.

3. Manage and fulfill Amazon orders from your own website

Typically, without Amazon integration services, you need to visit your Amazon seller panel so that you van see the orders received from Amazon and process them. When you have the Amazon integration services, a separate panel for order management is added for Amazon on your website’s back-office. From this panel, you can easily see your Amazon orders that have been synchronized to your admin panel by the Amazon integration services. Here, you as an admin can see the order details, shipping option selected, and all that you see on your Amazon seller panel. This order listing is regularly synced by using a cron setup. So, you will never miss an order and can fulfill them all easily.

4. Automatic stock update

When you manage your product feeds, orders, and everything from your MWS account, you have to maintain a separate panel for anything you do there. However, with the Amazon integration services, the products for feed will be selected from your existing eCommerce store itself. It means any sales, refund or order cancel of a product will automatically update the stock when the profiles are synced with Amazon from time to time. So, It eliminates the burden of manually updating the product stocks in case of an order fulfillment, order cancel or order refund. You do not need to worry about the stock update each time.


Selling on Amazon marketplace is definitely a wiser idea for small eCommerce setups and start-ups. It is very tough to survive a competition from biggest names (though not impossible) but it is much wiser to use those platforms for a win-win situation. The Amazon integration services provide an automated system for integrating tour eCommerce site with Amazon marketplace. It reduces the overhead from the sellers and helps them to manage both their website and MWS account from the same site.

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