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Amazon Integration Development- A Sure Shot Way of Getting More eCommerce Sales

  • By Joe
  • August 2, 2016
Amazon Integration development- A sure shot way of getting more eCommerce sales | Velsof
Note down these important steps that can help out sellers in the registration process on Amazon Seller Central page.

Amazon is the behemoth of eCommerce services with a huge customer base and sales revenue which makes it one of the best option for sales enhancement. It has a revenue share of billion dollars that makes it a good alternative sales channel for multiple small and medium vendors. It is a promising medium to achieve higher conversions and sales in this unpredictable eCommerce business environment.

This global eCommerce market leader has provided small and medium eCommerce stores a business opportunity to post higher product sales. It comprises of an online marketplace facility in the form of Amazon Marketplace Web services (MWS) that provides selling opportunity for various eCommerce stores. Before you can avail its services, you need to first register yourself on the Amazon Seller Central page or you can also take the help of a wonderful Amazon Integration development services of a company like Velocity. To help you in the successful registration process for sellers on Amazon Seller Central page, you need to keep these little things in mind.

  • The user requires primary details like business name, address and contact information.
  • The seller needs to have an email address that can be used with this Amazon Seller Central account. You need to ensure that you are using an already set up email account for the Amazon marketplace as you would start receiving emails regarding your Amazon account instantly.
  • The seller needs an internationally chargeable credit/debit card that consists of a valid billing address. This step is important as Amazon can cancel the seller registration process if the credit/debit card number is not valid.
  • There should be a phone number which is currently operational as it is one of the crucial requirement during the registration on Amazon Seller Central page.

Apart from this, the registration process requires critical tax identity information like Social Security Number (SSN) or the Federal Tax ID number of your company. In order to facilitate quick completion of seller registration page, you would be taken for a brief tour to “1099-K Tax Document Interview” for smooth submission of the tax identity information. This tax information is then verified by Amazon and is notified to the IRS department for crucial data pertaining to possible taxable earnings by a seller.

Once, the seller who is going to register on Amazon marketplace has all the required information, it would be much simpler for him/her to complete the seller registration process on Amazon Seller Central page. With this process, small and medium sellers can now stand a chance for improving their product sales among bigger giants in the eCommerce business segment. However, if there are any problems faced during seller registration on Amazon, you can take the help of an affordable Amazon integration development services of a company like Velocity by giving us a call on the +91-120-4243310 or sending us an email at [email protected].