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Reporting system Solved challenge to report newborn babies for a UN Organization

  • By Joe
  • November 18, 2020


A UN Organization working in the field of Children and Women welfare needed a system to get the Newborn baby reports. The Main focus of the organization is to ensure that all the Newborns are provided with proper home based care so that the neonatal death rate can be reduced. The care will be ensured by the Sahiya visits.


  • Get reports of Newborn babies filled by Sahiyas
  • Track Low Birth Weight babies
  • Reduce Neonatal death rate


  • No Real Time Data Entry
  • Could not Track New born Babies
  • Hard to Manage/ Pull Data
  • Too much Paper work


  • Sahiya Sangi facilitates real time Data Entry. A user can enter data via any Mobile/ Computer device.
  • Velocity suggested to assign an auto generated unique code to LBW babies so that they could be Tracked.
  • Sahiya Sangi has an interactive Dashboard through which a User can easily compare reports and there is no need for any paperwork.


  1. Dashboard: An interactive Dashboard to show the comparison between various elements
  2. Tracking: Tracking feature available to track LBW Babies
  3. Auto Generated Sahiya Code: A Unique code to Identify and Track LBW babies
  4. Report Status: Status of all the HBNC Reports at one place

About Velocity and Sahiya Sangi

Velocity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professional solutions provider focused on helping businesses attract, convert and retain customers through online technologies. We specialize in the deployment, customization, integration and hosting of CRM; web design and development; and online marketing solutions. We have been implementing SugarCRM since 2008. Our Services include consulting, development, implementation, customization, integration, hosting and training.

Sahiya Sangi is a system which is used to keep a track on the Newborns visits by Sahiyas in the State of Jharkhand. Strengthening Home Based New Born Care Project under the National Health Mission to Implement Innovations in the Jharkhand districts. HBNC activities are implemented for reducing infant and child mortality rate by providing catalytic, innovative and strategic support to assist districts in achieving SDG 3.

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