How one Training Module building system solved the issue of Mid-Day meal

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The Problem

Foodborne illness due to contaminated food and water.

Unsafe food served in the mid-day meals in schools has the potential to create a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition, impacting school children partaking the mid-day meals.

Not all food handlers including the cooks in the schools understand the roles they must play, such as adopting basic hygienic practices when buying and preparing food to protect their health and that of the school children.

The Solution

Training through web based mobile learning platform. at Velocity which offers web development services, we have provided the solution for this issue.

Cook cum helpers are trained using content accessible through a web based mobile learning platform (web app) viewed through smartphone/tablets. Each participating school is given an android device with the access to the training content.

The Training modules are build in the Web application and published on the mobile application. Cook cum Helpers will login to the application and will start their Training modules.

How its done?

**Note: It will be shown in the following way:

When a User hovers over an Icon, the write up against it will be shown to them in the middle

Write – Up

  • Build Training Module: The Creator will create the module in the web based application using the Build module functionality. The modules are easy to create and has various elements.
  • Add Assignment: Assignment is added in to the system separately and then assigned to a module. The assignment is MCQ based. Images can also be added in the Questions.
  • Approval: Once a Learning module is added and an assignment is assigned to a module, the module is sent for approval. The approver approves the module and then the module is published on the application.
  • Complete Training: Cook cum Helper will complete training from the training module content and will complete the Assignment along with it.
  • Certificate: A Certificate will be generated once the training is completed and CCH has passed the Assignment. CCH can also download their Certificates from the application.

Check the features

  • Dashboard: An Interactive Dashboard which gives you the direct view on the Data you want to you. It helps ion the decision making of the User.
  • Multiple-Elements: It offers various range of elements to add in the learning module. Some of the examples are: Image, video, text, etc.
  • Multi-Role Login: Application has multiple roles and the Dashboard for the application opens according to the User role which logged into the system.
  • Certificate: A Certificate is generated once a User finished their training. The Certificate can also be downloaded anytime from the application.
  • Assessment Reports: Assessment reports are shown to the User according to their role and permissions. All the reports will be present in this section.
  • Dive into Details: View Assessment reports on the basis of State, District, Block and Schools as well.

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