Cyber Threat – Scenario and Solution

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An organization working in the field of Cyber Security wanted to make other organizations aware of the potential Cyber Threats prevailing in the today’s cyber world. This case study by velocity will help you to understand the scenario and solution also.

The Problem

High Risk of Cyber Threats.

Cyber Threats hits businesses everyday. The main motive of the Hackers is ransom, 53 % of Cyber attacks resulted in damages of $500,000 or more. The hackers exploit the business resources. Many Organizations struggles to detect these threats and hence fall for the hacker tricks.

A Fortune 500 Organization working in the field of Cyber Security gather information from various sources about the potential Threats and e-mails it to their client Organization which becomes difficult considering the amount of time taken and also the Organizations have to wait for the e-mails to get the information.

The Solution

Identifying possible Threats and Altering organizations.

A mobile application that will notify Organizations about the ongoing Cyber Threats and the risks involved with it. Users can select the categories and customize their reports accordingly.

This application will generate reports on the basis of categories chosen by the User and will e-mail the reports accordingly.It has a web Interface where all the reports are made and then published on the Mobile application. It will alert the Organizations about the possible threats in their area and will also help them with the methods on how they can prevent it. User can modify their categories anytime they want.

How it works?

Cyber Threats

  • Add Advisory: The first step is to    add    an Advisory (Threat Report) which is done through the Web Application. User can add Images into the Advisory.
  • Approval: The advisory is sent for approval. Once approved, the article can be published on the mobile application.
  • Publish: The Threat Reports are published to the Mobile application once it is approved by the approver.
  • Notifications: When a Threat Report is Published, the Notifications are    sent     to    the clients. Admin can select     the     client organizations to which  the Notifications has to be sent.
  • E-mail Report: The Threat Report can    also    be    e-mailed to the client Organization on request through web. Clients can e-mail themselves a specific report from the mobile application as well.


  • Invitation based Login: The login in the mobile application is only invitation based. A User can not login to the application if an invitation e-mail along with the User-ID is not sent to them.
  • Discussion Forum: A Discussion forum option will also be    present in    the    application where the Users can start a Discussion and also comment and like other Discussions.
  • VIP Account: Client Organization can request for a VIP Account from the mobile application itself. The VIP Account has some additional features to it.
  • Filter Categories: Client organizations has an option to filter only the categories they want to view on their Newsfeed. It can be changed anytime they want.
  • Comment and More: Users have an option to comment    on    the    Threat Reports from their Newsfeed. They can also reply to other’s comments. Tagging option is also provided.
  • Flag (Report): A User can flag any comment or discussion they wan to from the flag option of the application. If found inappropriate, it will be deleted.
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