SEO Practices That Will Enrich the Value of Your Website In 2015

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In 2015, the world of “search” will entirely be a different game. To help you with a smarter search strategy this year, we have mentioned below some of the best SEO practices to help improve your site.

Don’t Stuff Your Content with Keywords

Unnecessary keyword stuffing degrades the quality of your content. Remember, people are not at all interested in reading a boring and irrelevant content that is written just for the sake of increasing SEO ranking. People come to your website looking for valuable information and if the content on your web page fails to provide that, your business will be at a huge loss.

Follow these to Optimize your Web Content for Users and Ranking-

  • Decide a topic for blog post
  • Gather information by performing extensive research on it
  • Write content that provides valuable information keeping in mind your targeted audiences
  • While writing, try splitting your content into short paragraphs and points
  • Try putting headlines
  • Create anchor text links to a similar page on your site
  • Add a catchy title that communicates to your targeted visitor and to the topic
  • Share it on various social media channels

This will help you get an authentic, user-friendly and SEO friendly content for your users and will automatically improve upon your SEO rankings.

Value the Purpose of Meta Description on your Page

Meta descriptions serve as a conversion factor. Meta description on your website is tied in with Meta tag or Meta keywords. Placing Meta description in the right way attracts more unique page views, hopefully leading to conversions down the road. So, it’s something to put some serious thought into.

Google allows 160 characters in their Meta descriptions, so before writing you need to ensure to have descriptions within the character limit. For writing compelling Meta descriptions on all pages, you can include some form of Call to Action (CTA) text by including words like “Learn”, “Explore”, “Know How” and so on.

Try to avoid writing description tag that is not relevant to the content on your page. Focus on writing descriptions that are unique and are descriptive if you want to get the maximum clicks on it.

Are you still going to avoid the importance of having proper Meta descriptions on your web pages?

Markup Pages with Microformat / Microdata

Google and let’s not forget Bing officially introduced in June’ 2011. Since then, we have markup implemented on many web pages.

Using schema markup on your pages will allow your listings to stand out from the rest and this will come with an improvement in your rankings. Schema markups are not only beneficial from SEO point of view but also from user’s perspective. It helps in displaying the most trustworthy and relevant results allowing users to make informed decisions.

According to Searchmetrics -

“Pages with Schema markup rank 4 times better in search results.” So, if you are looking forward to improve the visibility of your pages on search engines, try implementing schema markups or microdata for every site you create.


Optimization is a practice that never ends and following the tips mentioned above will help your site rank by keeping in mind your targeted audience. So, start now to broaden your search results!!

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