Google Releases Advanced Search Analytics Report for providing clear and Statistical Data

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In order to help website owners analyze their traffic in a more structured way, Google has presented an advanced search analytics report that allows filtering data in various ways.

The all new search analytics report allows users to quickly obtain detailed statistics (as shown below) about their website traffic by splitting search data in different forms.




Let’s understand how this search analytics work.

For example, website owners can compare mobile traffic before and after the “Mobilegeddon” algorithmic update released on April 21. If you have an international website, you will be able to find exactly where visitors browse for your brand name by clicking on “impressions” as the Google analytic metrics, filtering by brand name and classifying results by country.

Advantages of the advanced search analytic report-

1. Google Search Analytic report allows you to make more informed business decisions for improving the performance of your website.

2. When compared to the existing Search Queries report, the newly launched Google Search Analytic report provides more accurate and reliable data.

For instance, this new search report counts the number of clicks only on expanded images, while the old Search Queries report counts click on any image, be it an expanded one or not. Therefore, the total number of clicks might be less in this new report but are more logical and valid when compared to the existing Search Queries report.

The new Search Analytics report has been released today, but the existing Search Query report will still continue to be in place for three more months- as stated by Google.

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