How can social login optimize the performance of any online business?

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How can social login optimize the performance of any online business? | Velsof

Include social logins for better customer engagement and conversions.

In any competitive business environment, it is important to find new ways of customer engagement and conversion rate optimization that can keep you ahead of others. For any business who is trying to go global and enhance its customer base, social media is the way to go. With a population of billion plus users on sites like Facebook and its reach in the wide global region, social media is the perfect platform to enhance your business performance and productivity.

Being in a competitive business scenario, it is important to follow social media platforms to grab higher conversions and product sales. Social media optimization is the most anticipated and promising medium of marketing that can offer quick business results in the most affordable manner. Your website needs to provide social login facility to its site visitors in order to boost your sales and conversion rates to a great extent. Listed below are some of the interesting ways through which social login can help your business.

Lesser Cart Abandonment Rate- As discussed above, social logins provide an easier and quicker way for your visitors to complete the purchase.

How can social login optimize the performance of any online business?- Lesser Cart Abandonment Rate | Velsof

Social login simplify checkout process to minimize shopping cart abandonment.

According to a report by Forrester Research, “Social logins reduces cart abandonment rate by 11%”.

Similarly, Baymard Institute reports that excessive payment and forced registrations are counted to be among the highest reasons why users fail to complete the purchase.

Social logins reduce cart abandonment rate by allowing users to sign up quickly. Apart from this, do take the help of an effective web development company that can help in removing the hurdles in your website design, navigation and customer engagement.

Accurate and Reliable Customer Data- A survey from Blue Research states that about 85-88% of users accept to enter incomplete or wrong information on registration forms. This, in turn prevents you to collect authentic data for your business. With the wrong information in hand, you will not be able to understand your customers and make effective business decisions as well.

How can social login optimize the performance of any online business?- Accurate and Reliable Customer Data | Velsof

Social logins help in gathering customer related data.

On giving an option of signing in with social media networks, your business gets access to reliable and accurate data. The verified information gathered from social networking sites further help you target your marketing efforts and personalize the user experience. Directing users to content that interests them will help you achieve higher web page views, increased customer engagement as well as greater ROI for your marketing efforts.

Always remember, the more you know your users, the easier it becomes for you to communicate with them. Customer feedback can greatly help you in making better business decisions and improve upon your product and services.

Increased Return Visits- Encouraging visitors to come back to your site is a key to increasing customer engagement. The biggest challenge for returning users is forgotten sign-in details.

Blue Research studies show that about 90% of users choose to leave the website instead of waiting and retrieving their usernames and passwords.

How can social login optimize the performance of any online business?- Increased Return Visits | Velsof

Increase customer revisits by reducing complexities in checkout process through social logins.

This, in turn leads to reduce your Customer Life time Value (CLV).

The presence of a social login feature eliminates this problem and saves your business from password retrieval costs. It will definitely help your business gain maximum ROI at some point of time.

Increased Conversions- Social login is an efficient way to boost sign up rates. Users, these days have become smart and they don’t like filling in lengthy registration forms, instead, they prefer using social logins.

How can social login optimize the performance of any online business?- Increased Conversions | Velsof

Use social login to increase your site reach for better conversions.

Blue Research states that almost 50% of users have left a website rather than filling lengthy account registration forms and creating another usernames and passwords.

Increases Password Security- Social network providers like Google and Facebook utilize better and efficient resources to protect user passwords for any misuse and other types of cyber markets.

Usernames and passwords are stored and managed on social networks end when it comes to social security. For more security and enhanced encryption techniques, you can take the assistance of productive eCommerce services that can improve the online security of your business on untrusted networks, unsecured firewalls, wifi connections and other points of public internet connection.


Being in an online business, no one wants to miss out the benefits provided by the social login. As discussed above the lack of social login could be damaging your business more than you think.

Social login, if implemented properly can lead to a positive impact on your business. Before implementing, it is important to understand how it works and what best practices one needs to follow in order to optimize social login for specific business objectives.

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