Major Google Algorithm Updates and Their Effect on SEO

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Since Search Engine Optimization is becoming one of the most relevant ways for ranking top of Google search pages. Google is introducing various algorithm updates that impact the overall SEO criteria for webpages. Even in the past few years, Google is announcing various algorithm updates regularly. Although these updates might seem to introduce major changes in Google’s SEO algorithms. Yet, it impacts website SEO score directly. Thus, following the same reason, we are going to narrow down some of the major SEO algorithm updates by Google. Along with the same, we are also going to discuss how you should make the adjustments according to make the most out of them. So, let’s dive in.

Google Algorithm Updates

1.  Panda:

Well, Panda was introduced in February 2011. The major focus behind the Panda SEO Algorithm update was to restrict duplicate, keyword stuffing, and plagiarized content.

In-depth, the Panda algorithm update assigns a quality score to the web pages. The pages, that are maintaining a good quality score have a better chance of ranking higher on Google search result pages.

To meet the criteria introduced by the Panda algorithm update, as a website administrator. You can run up check-ups regularly for duplicate, thin, or plagiarised content.

Moreover, you can also use some of the plagiarism detectors available for free on Google.

2. Penguin:

The major aim behind the launching Penguin update was to target spam and hidden links that will redirect users to irrelevant information on a webpage.

Although Google introduced Penguin in April 2012. Yet, the regular updates on Penguin make sure to turn down all the spam and insufficient information.

In other words, Penguin makes sure to determine low-quality and paid link-building. To make sure that your website is at a safe end, you can check your backlinks regularly.

3.  RankBrain:

RankBrain was first introduced in October 2015. This update was to ensure the quality of the User Interface of a website. Along with the same, the other focus of the RankBrain SEO algorithm update was to ensure that users are getting query-specificity details when they land on a website.

Although it is a part of the hummingbird Algorithm, the working methodology is different. RankBrain is a machine learning mechanism that helps Google decide whether the searches are meeting the expected criteria.

For the same reason, RankBrain is considered the third most important SEO algorithm introduced by Google.

Well, it is hard to decide how Google is Google to filter out the webpages using the following update. Thus, there is the best thing you can do, you can track your competitors and check, what kind of information they are providing.

Apart from that, you can also do a bit of work by yourself by hovering over the players like yourself.

4. Bert:

Like the other algorithm factors, Bert also focuses on content quality. Even Bert is one of the latest SEO algorithm updates introduced by Google. It came to light in October 2019.

In-depth, Bert is going to focus on poorly written content, less informative context, and content that will have a lack of focus.

The following Search Engine Optimisation update rewards genuine and natural content.

For the same reason, for now, the contents which are more informative and touchier (are not pompous) are going to be considered relevant and genuine.

5. Core Updates:

Core Updates

This might sound a bit bizarre. But along with core updates announcement, Google has not told much publicly.

In other words, it is not mentioned anywhere which parts of the search factors the Google Core Updates are going to impact.

Since we do not know much about Google’s Core SEO Algorithm update. There is a hard belief that the Core Updates by Google are just the improved versions of all of the recently introduced key factors.

Now, the question is how to ensure a website got the most out of the Core Updates. Well, it’s a bit hard to examine. But the thing you can do here is to keep up an eye on your SERP ranking of the targeted keywords. And wait until Google announces an update.

In the following way, you can examine which of your competitor goes up and which downfalls. Moreover, if you are keeping proper track of their activity. It will be easier for you to keep track of which part you should improve to make the most out of Google’s next Core update.

6. Hummingbird:

Hummingbird was first introduced in August 2013 by Google. Like the other SEO Algorithms, the motive behind the same watch is to stop keyword stuffing and low-quality content to rank on the Google search engine.
Furthermore, Hummingbird ensures only genuine content is presented in front of the searchers as per the users’ queries. Surprisingly, even if Google finds the content helpful for the community and is having lacks keywords, Google will consider the same as high-quality content. As result, the content will be prioritized on the search engine.
In case you want to get the benefits of the Hummingbird SEO algorithm, you will have to analyze the keyword research carefully. In detail, you will have to find the need of your traffic and will have to add the same on your pages. In the following way, there are high chances for your website to rank on top of the list.

7. Google Page Experience Update:


Google has introduced Page Experience Update recently in 2021. The SEO algorithm update was all about the User Experience while hovering over a website. According to Google, in the Page  Experience update, factors like Mobile Friendliness, User Experience, UI and UX, loading speed, etc.

Google’s Page Experience update is a new concept that is going to impact Search Engine Optimization directly. Apart from that, if you are willing to take advantage of your website. You will have to work on key factors such as HTTPS redirection, Visual Stability, Mobile Friendliness, loading performance, and Interstitial guidelines. You can check out our new vlog our Google’s Page Experience Update by clicking here.

In the End:

As time has changed, Google has modified its Search Engine Optimization factors. In the 2010s decade, only off-page SEO was enough to maintain a healthy ranking. On the other hand, now you will have to take care of a ton of other aspects to maintain your overall SEO score.

Thus, it is mandatory to keep up with the Google SEO updates and does modifications accordingly.

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