6 SEO Hacks for Bloggers

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The SEO hacks for the blogger may be quite different from the eCommerce SEO services. The bloggers may find it difficult for them to rise in the ranking list and get better results in spite of putting a lot of efforts. The bloggers need to understand the various aspects of SEO and use them efficiently in order to get a better coverage for their contents. There are some SEO aspects that the bloggers can use in order to enhance the visibility of the content.

The SEO is quite a long process and if the bloggers think that the rate of visibility of the blog may be improved overnight, then, they need to reconsider. It’s a long game and multiple aspects must be kept in mind before making an initiative. The results may not be seen immediately, therefore the bloggers need to keep patience and wait for the time to see better results. Discussed below is a list of some SEO techniques which may help the bloggers to enhance the visibility of the blogging website and the contents of the web store.

Use of Keyword

Keywords are one of the important point that must be kept in mind by the blogger before publishing a post. The users make their searches based particular keywords, therefore a better selection of keywords would ensure the blogger to rank higher in the Google SERP. At the same time, ensuring the visibility may become difficult in the absence of proper keywords. The blogger must also clear a point in the mind regarding the usability of the keywords. The trend has changed and users are not limited to make use of smaller keywords, therefore restricting themselves to make use of smaller and precise keywords may not fetch the required results.

Get an attractive headline

Attractive Headline

The users don’t have the sufficient amount of time in order to browse through the overall content of the blog. The blogger must make the customer to come and check the contents included in the blog. For this purpose, the required element is an attractive heading. An eye catching heading which is capable of turning the customer’s attention towards the blog and they may find it interesting and give it a read. With the absence of an attractive heading the users are likely to skip the blog, which shows the ineffectively of the blogger in term of attracting users.

Optimize the images

Optimize the images

One of the important feature that the blogger must make sure is the optimization of the images before attaching them to the blog. The image file name needs to have the keyword phrase in the front end and relate the point in the post. The blogger must also make sure that the name of the web site is also included at this point. It is one of the most useful search engine optimization hacks for the bloggers. It is very less time consuming but can help the blogger quite efficiently. The bloggers must keep these small tricks to boost the content visibility. The important part of optimizing the image is making sure you’re doing it before it is uploaded. If not done properly then the blogger need to re post the blog after optimizing to gain better results. While you’re at it, make sure you’re optimizing your image file size. Google also keeps a note of page size & speed as playing a large factor in reader friendliness.

Blog Structure

Blog Structure

The size of the blog post and its appearance matters a lot while making sure that the blog is well-structured. The overall structure of the blog also decides the interest of the customer in following it or not. In an ideal condition a blog can be stretched to 1500 words or a 5 min read but never more than that. If the length of the blog post is more than the user is likely to get annoy and stop reading it. Therefore, a better and short blog post ensures reader’s attention and at the same time the efficiency of the blog.

Research on the meta description

Meta Description

The meta-description id the small description of the blog which is visible under the headline of the blog while searching it in the Google. The blogger must ensure that the description of the blogging sites in that portion has something attractive and unique, so that, the readers are self-attracted towards reading it. It is one of the important aspects and most of the time the blogger ignore this factor. Well, if given roper attention and direction it could help in getting better number of readers and also make some good rankings on the Google ranks.

Use the sub headings wisely

sub headings

The use of sub headings while crafting a blog is quite important. The blogger need to make sure that the most is divided into several parts such that the readers have a better understanding of the contents in the post and at the same time if the post is clustered and lacks direction than it may lead in the possible loss of the reader’s interest in the blog. On the other hand the use of sun heading is an important SEO hacks. Remember, internet content needs to be super scan able. Another way to do this that will help your perceived readability, and your SEO, is to include multiple H2 sub-headings throughout your blog post. Thus, doing this may help the blogger in making sure that the search results are more refined for the readers and the blog reaches out to maximum number of readers.

Over to You

Choose the right platform for posting your blog. The SEO hacks to improve the reach of the contents is quite common. Most of the eCommerce websites make use of the SEO improve the visibility of the blog and improves its reachability. With the basic and better understanding of the SEO, the bloggers can easily make their way to a better traffic and reach out to readers in a healthy way.

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