Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 7 eCommerce Hacks to Grab more Conversion

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The largest online sale in the online market is witnessed during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to the statistics, there were about 3.5 billion $ spend during the 2016 Cyber Monday. These figures are likely to move on to the higher side. Therefore, it is an alarming situation for the eCommerce owners to prepare themselves, such that, they can gain maximum profits during these sales. The black Friday followed by Cyber Monday are the biggest and busiest days for the eCommerce store in term of business.

Most of the people wait for an entire year in order to make purchase during these days. Therefore, the customers are ready to make purchase on a whole lot of products, the only important point is that how much the web stores are willing to sell. In order to gain maximum from these events, the web store must be prepared in advance as the traffic is huge and the customers have a lot of expectations. So, delivering better eCommerce services becomes an important aspect. If they are not able to find engaging or better features than they are more likely to exit the online store.

In order to prepare for the big sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the sites must have to incorporate several changes that are discussed below.

Rework on the design

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are supposed to hold a significant spot for the web store owners. Thus, they must be ready to make the customers feel about its importance. One of the first thing that a customer looks out after visiting a web store is the interface. If the web store doesn’t provide any characteristic changes on the looks then the customers would feel missing out. Thus, the eCommerce owners must work on the website development and design arrangement and give the site a presentable look such that the customers are able to connect themselves with the web store as soon as they enter the site. It helps in enhancing the sales to a very large extent.

Create a hype

One of the important aspect to sell more on these occasions is by creating the hype. The web stores may start to promote their big sales day through various means. They can introduce a countdown timer with some attractive theme on the web store such that the customers can be notified and updated about the upcoming sales. It helps the web store to reach out to maximum customers. The web store owners can also try to opt for Email promotions of the sales and keep the customers notified about the sales using Email.

Promote gift giveaways

The idea to provide gifts is always beneficial for the web stores. The number of web store has grown to a very large extent. In this case, the competition in the market is tough, hence the chances that the customers will choose your web store in order to make a purchase are quite thin. Thus, the web store must come with some promotional give away for the customers such that the customers feel like staying in the web store and consider making a purchase.

Social media promotions

Social Media Pramotion

Social media optimization has been one of the important weapon choice for the web store owners to lure the customers. The eCommerce store can use social media in order to promote the sales of the product on these days. The web store must start various campaigns and keep the customers updated about the sale. Doing this can attract many more customers during the sales day and also help in making better sale. The different aspects of social media such as promotional video, a giveaway contest will encourage the customers.

Connect with the customers

Connect With Customer

The idea of connecting with the customers during the sales day might help the web store in reaching out to customers better. As, there would be an engagement of lot of people during the big sale, thus it becomes quite important to satisfy the people’s need and at the same time provide them with best possible assistance such that they may not feel left out. The friendly behavior shown by the web store helps the customers in making better purchases entrusting the web store.

Support a cause

Support a cause

The web store must try t to indulge themselves with some of the NGO or Charity organization. As most of the people just want to make a purchase but if they see the web store supporting a cause than they are highly motivated to make a purchase. This factor will help the web stores to gain better traffic and at the same time a better sales on the products. The web store can provide some percent of the amount collected to the charity. This will help the web store to reach out to more potential buyer.

Provide better purchasing options

Support the Cause

As, the crowd would be large and most of the customers would try to get done either their purchasing as soon as possible. In his case, the web store must provide the customers with better feature to get done with the shopping process. They can provide various assistance during the shopping like the one page instant checkout, assistance in free delivery and other features, These features though help the customers in make purchase better but also ensures the customers trust in the web store and at the same time also ensures the webs tore that the customer will return to the web store in order to make a purchase in the near future.

Over to You

The sales during these two days are huge, hence every possible care and precautionary measures must be taken by the web stress to avoid any significant loss. The better the features and the promotion more are the chances of making better sales. Thus, build quality traffic on your website, but be ready before it has actually arrived.

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