Prestashop Website Development Services for an online store- Is it a smart choice?

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Prestashop Website Development Services for an online store- is it a smart choice? | Velsof

Is PrestaShop a wise choice for developing eCommerce sites?

Any eCommerce website development starts with some essential aspects. Aspects like choosing the best eCommerce platform that does not fail from start to end of the whole process. By fail, we mean to choose an eCommerce platform that has apt support for modules, hassle free payment gateway integration, easy product management, and efficient reporting system etc.  Here, we are advocating why PrestaShop would be the one smart choice for you.

What makes PrestaShop development a smart choice?

Is PrestaShop SEO friendly?:

SEO friendliness of an eCommerce platform is something that is looked forward by every website developer. PrestaShop proves its competence by providing apt features for search engine optimization by default. Most of the eCommerce platforms need you to install additional modules to include the SEO friendly features. PrestaShop makes this task hassle free by providing the major SEO friendly functionalities by default without installing any other module. Some of the most wanted features are:

SEO friendly URLs:

Prestashop Website Development Services for an online store- is it a smart choice?- SEO friendly URLs | Velsof

PrestaShop provides built-in features to manage SEO on the eCommerce site.

PrestaShop allows you to add an SEO friendly URL to any page on your eCommerce site. Using this feature you can define some simple and easy to remember URLs to the pages.

Include Meta tags to products:

Prestashop Website Development Services for an online store- is it a smart choice?- Include Meta tags to products | Velsof

Special entry to SEO related tags in PrestaShop default product upload interface.

While uploading a product to your eCommerce store, your first priority is to make sure that those products are visible to the search engines. For this, the webmasters rely on meta tags like meta title and meta description. PrestaShop makes the task hassle free by providing the features to include these meta tags for every product and page on the site. In fact, PrestaShop has a special entry for SEO in its product upload interface named as “SEO” as shown in the screen print below:

A large community support and open to customization:

The PrestaShop community is one of the largest communities in eCommerce website development. The platform provides eminent flexibility for PrestaShop developer to develop and install third-party PrestaShop modules. The modules extend the default functionalities to customize and reshape most of the PrestaShop features. In fact, the separate PrestaShop website development services are spread across the globe, who utilize this flexibility and present the PrestaShop community with amazing PrestaShop modules.

Prestashop Website Development Services for an online store- is it a smart choice?- PrestaShop official marketplace | Velsof

PrestaShop official marketplace is a home to thousand of PrestaShop modules, themes, and templates.

A large number of other PrestaShop services are existing just because of the compatibility of Default PrestaShop with third party PrestaShop software. Services like PrestaShop website development, PrestaShop template development, PrestaShop website customization, PrestaShop modules development and much more are included in the list. The eminent support of PrestaShop community itself is a mega reason that makes PrestaShop a smart choice for eCommerce website development. For example, official PrestaShop marketplace is a home to thousands of PrestaShop modules, themes, and templates.

Easiest management interface is a boon for non-coders:

The user interface of PrestaShop is one of the easiest out of all the popular eCommerce platforms. The interface is very easy to use. Even a non- coder can learn to use PrestaShop in few days. It makes the website management and most of the admin tasks very easy and independent for the non-technical website owners. The entrepreneurs need to depend on technical developers or webmasters to make basic changes or to install a new PrestaShop module. Even most of the SEO tasks can be easily performed by a non-technical person.

This hassle free website maintenance in PrestaShop can be considered as one of the strongest reasons fro why PrestaShop is a smart choice for well developed as well as startups in eCommerce market.


PrestaShop website development service are always accessible in order to make any major change to your website. These services provide the accessible approach to perform even the advanced modifications according to the latest market trends. The popularity of PrestaShop as an eCommerce platform need not any prove for its existence. Every website owner who has availed any PrestaShop website development service can advocate the fact that it is a wise and economical choice for developing even the advanced eCommerce sites.

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