Prestashop Template Development

Velocity also offers Template development and customization services for your online E-Commerce stores. We design such Prestashop templates that are user friendly and can be customized in just a single click. In order to add functionality to your websites, these template simplify the shopping experience for your users. Our templates are designed in different layouts and allow user friendly interface.

Velocity is in built with talented workforce of professionals who deliver services based on latest industry trends. Our expert professionals work by understanding the ideology behind our Client’s requirements and then deliver results based on client’s satisfaction. For delivering reliable E-Commerce solution, we implement all the features to transform the functionality of your webstore. Our team mainly deals in installation, Customization and Maintenance services. Our solutions are dynamic and flexible in accordance to the requirements laid down by the clients.


Why choose Prestashop Template development?

  • Flexible Admin control features
  • Easy installation and fast processing
  • User friendly designing features
  • Ample number of Theme features to choose from


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