Prestashop is one of the most reliable and flexible open-source eCommerce software that has been proficiently developed to assist business owners in broadening their online presence. Prestashop comes with around 300 features that are integrated into the Prestashop website development software.


Listed below are some of the attractive features of Prestashop-

  1. Flexible structure
  2. User friendly interface
  3. Supports multiple currencies
  4. Secure and robust
  5. Easy to customize and navigate
  6. Options to choose theme design

As a leading Prestashop development company, we deliver complete eCommerce solutions to online businesses across the globe. At Velocity, we have an expert team of developers who are specialists in developing and designing Shopping cart solutions as per your requirement. Our developers are expert in managing all your custom development needs to provide reliable, secure and scalable Prestashop software development services.


Prestashop Software Development Services at Velocity includes the following-

  • Prestashop Customization
  • Prestashop e-Commerce Design and Development
  • Prestashop Module development
  • Prestashop Template designing
  • Prestashop Application Maintenance
  • Designing Custom Prestashop Shopping Cart


Advantages of getting Prestashop Development Services at Velocity

The growth and popularity of Prestashop software for designing online shopping carts has risen tremendously due to-

  • The highly flexible options to easily customize the admin panel for addition/deletion of store features
  • Availability of customized themes
  • Light-weight and fast to deploy
  • Attractive and functional user interface that allows your shoppers to have an enthusiastic shopping experience


Why Velocity?

Velocity accommodates a team of skilled and experienced PHP professionals, who have specialized knowledge for working on all e-Commerce platforms and have served a large number of clients worldwide. Next comes our innovative designing team who has gathered up to the mark knowledge for designing customized themes and templates as per the client’s requirements.

With over 5 years of experience on all popular e-Commerce platforms, we have developed various websites. So, if you are looking for secure, reliable and scalable way to start your business online, then do come at Velocity, where you will get a one stop solution for all Prestashop needs.


Benefits of Prestashop Software Development Services

Easy and Simple UI- With a simple, clean and easy to understand User Interface (UI), Prestashop guides users easily through the web store.

Flexibility- Prestashop admin panel is so flexible that it allows easy customization by adding or deleting the eCommerce store functionality as per the requirement of customers.

Quick and Easy Installation- Being light weight, Prestashop is one of the easiest and quick software application to get installed.


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