Why Choose PrestaShop for eCommerce Website Development?

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Although eCommerce was initially introduced in the 2000’s decade on the internet. Yet, if we consider a single period that gave a kick start to the eCommerce industry, that is Covid pandemic period. We can say that in 2020 when the Covid virus was hitting the offline business industry badly. At the same time, eCommerce was growing in the 5th gear. During the following period, PrestaShop eCommerce development helped a lot of eCommerce merchant communities in launching eCommerce shops within very less time. The Prestashop eCommerce platform is also famous for the design and mechanism it provides to sellers for managing their online shops.

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open-source CMS platform that allows worldwide sellers to launch their eCommerce-based websites. The platform was introduced in 2007. Although in the initial days, Prestashop was not able to gather the audience’s attention yet, since the Covid pandemic, it is one of the most trending CMS platforms for launching online buying and selling-based websites. Even some consider PrestaShop as the best alternative to WooCommerce and Shopify.

Following the same, we are going to discuss some of the most sounding reasons why you should choose PrestaShop for eCommerce website development.

choose PrestaShop for eCommerce website development

1.  Design and Development Opportunities:

PrestaShop provides a lot of free and paid theme options to users. Not only with the help of the same, but the eCommerce vendors can also create desired website layouts but they can even modify their front end as much as they want.

Moreover, in case you are willing to make UI and functionality-related changes to your PrestaShop store, you can always hire top-notch development agencies like Velsof.

2.  Module Development:

PrestaShop uses a collection of coding structures called modules or add-ons. Addons are to perform a specific task or take care of a functionality entirely on a Prestashop website.

Due to the popularity of Prestashop, you can find various eCommerce plugin development agencies that are offering Prestashop plugin developments.

Moreover, Prestashop also offers free and paid plugins on its marketplace. Well, we know the platform as an open-source eCommerce, thus, worldwide developers can freely develop their addons as per their requirements.

For the same reason, PrestaShop opens the door to opportunities for PHP developers.

3.  Payment Gateways and Layout Flexibility:

Payment Gateways and Layout Flexibility

In the following era, worldwide customers are using tons of payment methods. Either you consider, Credit cards, PayPal, Razor pay, Stripe, or anything else. You can find uncountable payment methods on the websites. While considering the same about Prestashop eCommerce businesses, the platform provides easy payment gateway integrations.

Moreover, in case you are looking for customized payment gateway integrations with your PrestaShop store, you can always hire our dedicated PHP Web Development team.

4.  Forums and Community Support:

Well, here is the fact that makes PrestaShop superior to other CMS platforms. The entire system is developed in a well-mannered and structured way that even if you have a bit of code knowledge. You can easily manage your shop backend.

Not only the platform is developed on PHP, course, one of the most used languages worldwide. But also, the PrestaShop team has designed its forums to discuss the issues and topics the seller community is facing.

5.  Support and Other Opportunities:

Support and Other Opportunities

Building an eCommerce website with PrestaShop is quite easy. Furthermore, even non-technical persons can create their PrestaShop website within 3 simple steps.

  1. All you need to do is: Order a hosting plan, Install Prestashop, and boom, time to configure and modify your online store.
  2. But things do not end here. The Prestashop team provides 24/7 support to the online merchant community in case you find yourself stuck somewhere in the process.
  3. Moreover, at Velsof, we also provide website and app development services for the PrestaShop eCommerce services.

In the End,

There are a few things to consider while hiring an eCommerce development industry. For example, before making a decision, you should always have a look at the previous development history. Along with the technologies they are providing services on.

At Velsof, along with web development on PHP. We also provide website development on React, Laravel, and other frameworks. Moreover, in case you want to build apps for your online business, you can always find us at our email address [email protected].

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