Opencart 2.0- An amazing E-Commerce platform to scale new business heights- Part 2

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OpenCart 2.0- An amazing eCommerce platform to scale new business heights- Part 2 | Velsof

Involve with this OpenCart 2.0 platform for getting eCommerce website exactly as per your business requirement.

For eCommerce store owners who are eager to make their mark in their particular business segment can establish themselves effectively only with the help of a feature packed eCommerce platform. But, this is one area where most of the store owners become clueless and often end up with the wrong choice. To help such ignorant people, let us provide amazing information about this OpenCart 2.0 extension that has taken the entire online business world by a storm. Let us take our journey forward in the second part of this article for getting better insight about its other features and functionalities that can take your eCommerce business to new heights.

1. Presence of extension installer feature- 

Presence of extension installer feature | Velsof

Install any OpenCart themes and extensions effortlessly with this extension installer feature.

Now, installing OpenCart themes and extensions has become much more simplified and easier due to the presence of extension installer feature in this OpenCart 2.0 extension. There are no frequent file overriding through FTP which makes the installation process much faster. Once, the required themes or extensions are uploaded, you will see a list of files that will be overridden during the installation process.

2. Addition of multiple payment gateways- 

Addition of multiple payment gateways | Velsof

Multiple payment options on OpenCart 2.0 platform makes customers more confident while shopping.

Although, the older version of OpenCart 1.x has support for 20+ payment gateways but this new OpenCart extension has increased this number further. Now, other payment gateways have been added in the list and the supported payment gateways have now risen to 30+ in number. Some of the various supported payment gateways by this OpenCart development services are as follows:

- Amazon Payments

- BluePay Redirect (SSL required)

- First Data EMEA Connect (3DSecure enabled)

- Free Checkout


- Payza

- PayPal Pro iFrame

- Secure Trading Web Service and more.

3. Inclusion of event notification system- 

Inclusion of event notification system | Velsof

Event notification feature of OpenCart 2.0 platform informs customers about the various events related to your site.

Website development and maintenance is a crucial task and thus needs utmost care and attention for getting optimum business results. Thanks to this event notification system which has made it easier to add notification with the help of event function whenever any action takes place. Some of the notification which can be included are as follows:

- Status of the orders that are given by your customers.

- Number of new arriving customers that are waiting for approval.

- Number of products that have gone out of stock.

- Number of pending reviews.

4. Integration of API functionality- 

Integration of API functionality | Velsof

API allow OpenCart customers for establishing effective interaction with the third party extensions.

In order to improve the functionality of your OpenCart site, you need to help of an application programming interface (API) that ensures effective installation of the third party applications. Now, with the brilliant OpenCart development services of Velocity, a India based company, you can easily connect your website to various other platforms. Further, the integration of API makes the accomplishment of various tasks and processes much easier and faster.

5. Presence of MaxMind Fraud Detection System for security- 

Presence of MaxMind Fraud Detection System for security | velsof

MaxMind Fraud Detection System is integrated with OpenCart 2 platform for reducing fraud orders.

This OpenCart 2.0 extension is equipped with MaxMind Fraud Detection System which identifies all those risky orders for further review purpose. It helps in detecting all those fraud orders by assessing high risk IP address, emails, devices or any other anonymous proxies. In order to use this feature, you need to register at MaxMind and then paste the required key in the Frund Setting of your OpenCart 2 settings panel.

6. Other available features and functionality-

Other available features and functionality | Velsof

Features like product zoom, multi language support, compatibility with multiple stores makes customers more interested in your store.

Once, you have embraced this OpenCart development services, you don’t have to look back again for anything else. Besides above mentioned features, there are numerous other features and functionalities that can take your business to great heights. Some of these are explained as follows:

- Image Zoom feature

- Multi- language support

- Compatible with multiple stores

- Data importing, additional search modes and other such feature.

By taking a close look towards all these features, store owners can easily decide the award- winning eCommerce platform for their business in the form of OpenCart 2.0 extension. If you are willing to add any other desired functionality to your site, you can contact our superb OpenCart development services i.e. Velocity, a Noida, India based company through our phone number +91-120-4243310 or mailing address [email protected]. In order to get more information about our other areas of expertise, you can visit our site at

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