Mobile App Development in a Nutshell- Part 1

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Mobile app development in a nutshell- Part 1 | Velsof

Create mind blowing mobile apps for your customers to get better business fortunes in terms of sales revenue.

The market share of mobile phones are increasing with each passing day and it is going to touch new records in the coming years due to increasing madness about smart phones and tablets. With this stupendous growth, mobile apps are being created for various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and other such mobile operating systems to increase the functionality and performance of your phone. No doubt, you would  be eager to grab a lion’s share in this promising market segment but you can make the most of this situation only if you are fully prepared to mark your arrival in this unchartered territory. To help secure your future as a reputed mobile app development services, you need to ensure that you are not ignoring these crucial tips during the mobile application development.

1. Stay clear about the ideas and goals of your app-

It is well said that “Great ideas lay the foundation stone for a million dollar business” and thus it is important to be well aware about your goals and ideas before jumping into the bandwagon of mobile app development. It is to be understood that there are no chances of “hit and trial” in this crucial development process as a mobile app is either overwhelmingly accepted or is completely rejected. If your are clear about the goal you are trying to achieve with your mobile app, you can effortlessly make your app rank higher in India as well as overseas.

2. Create a rough development design for your mobile app- 

Create a rough development design for your mobile app | Velsof

Rough sketching of your mobile apps helps in eliminating the chances of errors during the development stage.

As, there is no room for any mistake in the field of mobile development, you have to be extra vigilant to get it right the first time only. To be on the safer side, it would be better for you if you can make a rough draft of your mobile app development design. This will not only help you in an effective mobile app but will also eliminate any possible chances of error that may arise during the development process due to improper analysis.

3. Undertake a careful study and perform required research before starting out-

It would be wiser on your part to perform a detailed study regarding your mobile app development services for an award winning app. You need to research the following questionnaire like-

- What are the targeted customers for your mobile app?

- Why should people install your mobile app?

- How it can help them in their day- to- day life?

- What are the monetary aspects of your mobile app and how can it generate revenue for your company?

- Is your mobile app having an engaging design and clean user interface?

- Is it cross platform and robust enough to recover various operational errors or hiccups?

Once, you have a satisfactory answer to all these question, there will not be any chances of getting failed with your mobile app.

4. Start working on Wireframe and Storyboard-

Start working on Wireframe and Storyboard | Velsof

Wireframe model helps in putting your app ideas more effectively during the app development stage.

After having a proper support of a clear idea and research analytics report, you need to start working towards putting your ideas into practice. To move in this direction, you need to go for the wireframing process where a mockup or prototype of your mobile apps are created. There are various prototyping tools to accomplish this crucial task like Balsamiq, HotGloo, Moqups and others that helps in performing more than dragging and dropping of your placeholders and representative graphics into effective location. Furthermore, it gives freedom to include button functionality for a seamless clicking on your app during the review process.

Start working on Wireframe and Storyboard 2 | Velsof

Storyboard helps in establishing effective connection between app screens and user navigation.

Besides wireframes, you should also create an effective storyboard for your mobile app. With this platform, you can establish an effective connection between each individual screen and the level of navigation that can be achieved by your user.

5. Specify the back end of your mobile app- 

Specify the back end of your mobile app | Velsof

Pay attention towards the back end architecture of your mobile app for checking its robustness and seamless working.

The platforms like wireframes and storyboard have become the integral part of the back end structure of your mobile app development services. To carry out this task in a spontaneous manner, you need to draw the sketch of your servers, APIs, data diagrams and other such components. This will act as a wonderful reference medium for mobile app developers in order to ensure a seamless app development. But, make sure you are modifying your wireframes and storyboard as per your technical requirements and specifications.

6. Implement effective testing on your prototype version-

Implement effective testing on your prototype version | Velsof

Test your mobile app for a specified amount of time for eliminating any chances of malfunctioning of your mobile app.

You need to get your mobile apps reviewed by your family, friends, colleagues and testing experts in order to remove errors and limitations in your apps. To get an effective feedback, you need to provide access to the wireframe for a seamless testing of your prototype. Ask them about the user experience of your app, ease of functionality and use, design and other such factors for achieving an infallible mobile app development that can make your company a well recognized name in India as well as in other countries.

Once, you have gone through all these steps, you can be sure of an unmatched mobile app development services that can make your company a champion in this untapped business segment. Who knows that a mobile app designed by you could rake in moolah and fetch you huge money and fame in both domestic and international circuits. For more information about this, do visit the next part of this article- Mobile App Development in a Nutshell- Part 2 .

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