Microsoft SharePoint 2013- A guide towards Minimal Master Page- Episode 1

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013- A guide towards minimal master page- Episode 1 | Velsof

Utilize the services of minimal master pages for the seamless creation of SharePoint site for your business.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a path breaking web application platform that is most effective with web content management and document management system for productive business collaboration and efficiency. With this platform, you can create an amazing SharePoint website for giving a new direction to your business entity. But, this is possible only if you are having the support of an award winning SharePoint development services like Velocity that has handled customers not only from India but also from other countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada and such others.

This SharePoint 2013 comprises of a page model for facilitating the effective publishing of websites. With this page model, there are various elements like master pages, page layouts and other such components that play a crucial role in rendering the effective structure, content, appearance, feel and behavior to your website. A master page is one of the most significant template that helps in defining the shared structural elements of a site. Further, all the constituted pages on a site share these elements which helps in defining the various regions of the page for the effective display of the page layout content.

Introduction of Minimal master pages

But, with the help of minimal master pages, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can now help in creating the Microsoft website for their business clients in a seamless manner. One of the specialty of these master pages are that they only contain those page elements which are required by the SharePoint 2013 for the effective rendering of the page in the browser. Moreover, with the help of Design Manager, it is now much quicker to create a minimal master page without any requirement for the designing and conversion of HTML file.

It is now much easier to convert a typical HTML file into a Share Point 2013 master page with the presence of this Design Manager. It does not matter if you don’t have a prebuilt mock- up for this activity or the support of an effective master page development services, you can still get going from the scratch by the effective creation of minimal master page.

During the creation of minimal master page, Design Manager creates both the .master file along with the associated HTML file for effective website development. This has helped various SharePoint development services in a big way who want to work with the HTML file only. Apart from this, there is no difference while working on a minimal master page as the process is exactly similar to working with a master page that is obtained through the conversion of a HTML file. This is due to the reason that HTML file and master page are linked to each other and thus any editing or changes made in the HTML file are automatically reflected to the master page. All this is happening seamlessly because of the presence of special types of markup in the HTML file which makes the synchronization with the .master file possible.

So, if you are looking to explore the effectiveness of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 in a collaborative business environment, it is time to avail the amazing SharePoint development services of our India based company, Velocity that can assure you an effective SharePoint site for your business.

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