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Reasons to choose WordPress as your Website Development Platform- Volume 2

  • By Joe
  • February 2, 2016
Reasons to choose WordPress as your website development platform- Volume 2 | Velsof
Plan your website development on WordPress CMS platform for better customer engagement, functionality and site traffic.

Let us move forward in our journey regarding why WordPress is the most chosen platform for web development services among numerous site owners. This pioneering CMS (Content Management System) platform has bundle of features and functionalities that makes it as the most exciting platform for building a website. Within a short span of time, this open source and free CMS platform has made major inroads in the field of website development and has been striking a similar chord with the site owners all around the world. Here is the list of the various features and functionalities that are giving this platform a major “thumbs up” from numerous online businesses.

1. It is effective from the safety and security point of view-

With your website built on this website development platform, you don’t have to think much about the online safety and security of your site. It has been designed in such a way which provides them inherent safety and security in this vulnerable world of internet. This CMS platform consists of a wide range of free plugins and security features that can make your site secure and safe. Apart from this, you can now effortlessly take the back up of your WordPress site to keep it secure from the activities of hackers and intruders.

2. The platform supports various available media types-

The platform supports various available media types | Velsof
Include various media types into your WordPress site for increasing its functionality and performance.

This website development platform provides the freedom to users to explore much more than writing simple text. You can effortlessly add the desired images, audio and video files due to the presence of its built- in support and functionalities. Further, it is now possible to include YouTube videos, tweets and Soundcloud audio into your WordPress site with the simple pasting of the URL link. With this platform, you can even allow your site visitors to add videos in their comments.

3. WordPress allow the blogging facility to its site users- 

WordPress allow the blogging facility to its site users | Velsof
WordPress allow seamless addition of blogs for effective customer attention and site promotion.

With the help of the blogging facility on this free CMS platform, it is now easier for the site owners to add blogs on to their site. Now, you can give a new direction to your advertising and marketing efforts by writing, adding and sharing promotional blogs about your website and its advertised product. However, this blogging feature is not just restricted for adding blogs or textual material but provides freedom to add great videos, infographics or other such material for conveying your thoughts to your targeted customers. This is due to the fact that this CMS platform was originally developed as a blogging platform and was later on evolved as a website development platform.

4. It has a flexible architecture-

WordPress is extremely flexible in nature which allow users to make diverse changes in its structure without any trouble. Site admin can effortlessly create the various desired menu and other site components through its widgets for grabbing the instant attention of their targeted customers on their site. Besides this, you can easily add various elements to the header, footer and sidebars of your site and can add components like advertising, forms, buttons, images, content and much more into your site widget. Thus, WordPress site owners can add wings to their imagination and creativity with the flexible structure and easy customization features.

5. WordPress gives boost to the eCommerce culture- 

WordPress gives boost to the eCommerce culture | Velsof
WordPress platform has numerous features and functionalities to boost the eCommerce business environment.

With this website development platform, you can easily set up a site for selling your products online to expand your business entity. Its multiple features and functionalities makes it a cakewalk experience to add desired eCommerce features like adding a PayPal button on your site, integration of an eCommerce platform like WooCommerce and other such eCommerce plugins for the successful establishment of your eCommerce site. But, if you still require a professional support and help for your eCommerce store, you can avail the wonderful eCommerce development services of Velocity that can promise you an amazing online store.

6. It arrives with a wide supporting community-

It arrives with a wide supporting community | Velsof
Utilize the suggestions and solutions of WordPress community for resolving your site issues.

One of the major USP of this free CMS platform is that it is supported by a large community of WordPress users that can provide you technical support and help for various issues. The community consists of a wide range of forums, blog posts and other such reference materials for providing you the right direction and guidance regarding your WordPress site. There are also free help and technical solution from various WordPress bloggers on sites like WordPress forum, helpful YouTube videos or through the WordCamp events that happen across the various locations of the world. Thus, with such an active community forum, it is now much easier to share your ideas, technical help, customizations, suggestions and other such WordPress related solutions among your WordPress community users.

7. The platform supports mobile devices-

The platform supports mobile devices | Velsof
Prepare your WordPress site for mobile devices for effective customer targeting and conversion rates.

Due to the changing consumer behavior and the widespread usage of mobile devices, more and more online users are browsing the internet through various mobile based devices like smart phones and tablets. Considering this big change in the behavior of site traffic, it becomes increasingly important to make your site more mobile friendly for targeting your mobile based users. To support you in this endeavor, there are various mobile responsive themes and plugins from WordPress that can increase the worth and appeal of your mobile sites. Further, this website development platform consists of a user friendly dashboard that can be effortlessly managed from the desktop as well as various mobile devices.

By taking a close look towards all these mind blowing features and functionalities, site owners can readily understand the huge popularity and importance of this free CMS platform. But, if you are too sceptical to try this platform for once, you are actually providing big opportunity to your business rivals for making unprecedented lead in terms of conversion rates, customer engagement and site traffic.