Magento- The Numero Uno E-Commerce Platform (Part 1)

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Magento- The numero uno eCommerce platform (Part 1) | Velsof

Engage with this Magento platform for improving the customer engagement, product sales and conversion rates on your eCommerce store.

The marathon race for getting maximum eCommerce sales and conversions is set and there are numerous eCommerce stores that are taking part in this mega event. All are taking part with the sole aim of emerging as the ultimate winner but sadly there can be only one winner.  In this tough and crucial competition, store owner having their site on the most engaging and feature packed eCommerce platform can come out with the flying colors. Although, there are plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the form of WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, osCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, 3dcart, Big Cartel, 1ShoppingCart and such others. Out of these number of competitors, we have selected Magento as the ultimate winner of this eCommerce race. You may feel that we are little lenient and biased about this particular eCommerce platform but there are plenty of reasons to support our claim. Let us discuss some of these amazing features of this Magento platform that has grabbed our instant attention and imagination inspite of the several available options.

1. Comes with numerous features designed for your eCommerce store-

The basic difference between Magento and other platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla is that former started its career as the web development platform designed specifically for eCommerce business whereas the latter were more Content Management Systems (CMS) and later on evolved as an alternative for eCommerce business. To make Magento as the most exciting and engaging eCommerce platform, it is packed with numerous features that are described below.

- User Dashboards
- Customer Segmentation
- Inventory Management
- Advanced shipping and supplier management
- Supports bundling of products
- Newsletter integration
- In- built cross sell and upsell capabilities

With a wide array of features, you would definitely recommend Magento platform for eCommerce store in order to get maximum customer attention, product sales and conversion rates.

2. Provides seamless facility for content management-

Provides seamless facility for content management | Velsof

Magento allow seamless customization of site content for better customer engagement and sales.

E- Commerce store needs to constantly make changes in their store due to the addition of new product, removal of outdated product, addition of new categories and other such factors. Due to this scenario, there is an increased need for an intuitive, visual based and easily customizable content management system and this is where this Magento platform comes as the perfect option. If you want to make any other content based customization in your Magento store, you can take the expertise of our Magento development services company, Velocity to manage the content of your Magento website in a seamless manner.

3. Built with advanced SEO capabilities-

In this online business environment, it is important to make your site SEO friendly for getting higher online visibility and ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and such others. Due to the increased importance of SEO friendliness in the eCommerce field, you need to quickly select this Magento platform for eCommerce store for driving sales and conversions. It comprises of various SEO features like SEO optimized website, descriptions, meta tags, rewriting of URL, site maps, navigation and category structures and other such amazing functionalities that can seamlessly give a major push to your SEO efforts.

4. Much faster than other rival platforms-

Much faster than other rival platforms | Velsof

Optimize the performance of your Magento store for higher conversions and product sales.

Speed and performance of a site makes a great impact in the online business environment. Around 47% of web users want a particular site to load within 2- 3 seconds for better customer engagement and conversion rates. It has also been observed that a small delay in the loading time of your Magento site can affect the customer engagement and attention to a great extent. With the amazing Magento development company, Velocity, you can achieve a fast performing eCommerce website that can cache your pages fastly through techniques like Varnish, retrieval of data from databases in a quick manner, faster processing of queries and other such features.

If you want to stay in this competitive eCommerce business environment, it is the need of the hour to choose this Magento platform for eCommerce store. It has numerous features and functionalities that can make your Magento site as the most loved and preferred eCommerce site among your targeted customers. So, stay tuned with us and get the Magento store that can catapult your business in the top gear among your rivals.

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