5 SEO blunders to watch out in a Website

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5 SEO blunders to watch out in a website | Velsof

Avoid SEO blunders in your site that can affect the online visibility and presence of a site.

“No mistake is too small to be ignored sometimes when the stakes are too high”. Yes, you heard it right, every mistake in SEO can prove to be disastrous if it is not tackled on time. With the expansion of internet and SEO, it is important to promote your business in a right way among your rivals.

However, most of the websites do fail in this area as they are unable to eliminate the various search engine optimization blunders that can affect the online visibility on search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Take a look at some of the unpardonable blunders that can cost your online business heavily.

1. You are buying links and not earning them- 

5 SEO blunders to watch out in a website- You are buying links and not earning them | Velsof

Include only trusted backlinks in your site content for higher conversions and sales.

There are numerous sites that are having inadequate amounts of valuable links for improving their SEO performance. To compensate the loss, they are involved in buying back links from any of the available SEO company that provides the untrusted links that can be easily tracked by spiders after some time.

Once, spiders find out these unknown and untrusted backlinks in a content, they devalue those links and penalize the entire website. Furthermore, with the latest Google Penguin update and Bing search engine, poor quality links are easily traceable and needs to be avoided for improved online visibility.

2. You are utilizing content from other sites- 

5 SEO blunders to watch out in a website- You are utilizing content from other sites | Velsof

Avoid the practice of using the content of other sites for avoiding SEO penalties.

Sometimes, websites try to deceive web crawlers by utilizing the content from other sites and try to show them as unique. These sites use their own bots that index or “scrape” content from other available sites in order to insert them back into their site disguised as “fresh content”. Unfortunately, these strategies don’t work well nowadays due to the presence of Google Panda algorithm and Bing search engine that are capable of capturing such fraudulent practices. A better way around this is to start investing your time and money in creating a unique content for your website to achieve improved search engine rankings.

3. Your customers are yawning while your website is loading- 

5 SEO blunders to watch out in a website- Your customers are yawning while your website is loading | velsof

Improve the loading time of your site for improved conversions and customer engagement.

Inspite of repeated reminders from Google regarding the necessity of making improvements in loading time, websites are still struggling hard to keep their customers engaged. There are plenty of websites that are finding it difficult to retain the load time of 2-3 seconds that is considered as the ideal time for a site to load properly. According to a report of Walmart, with every improvement of 1 second in the loading time, there is an improvement of 7% in conversion rates.

As a website owner, you need to implement a wide range of speed optimization techniques to keep your visitors engrossed in your website.

- Utilize the compression techniques to reduce the size of website files.

- Avoid the use of heavy graphics, flash player and background elements on your website.

- Use web development platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other technologies.

- Take the help of speed optimization tools like Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, and such others.

4. You are not optimizing site for mobile devices- 

5 SEO blunders to watch out in a website- You are not optimizing site for mobile devices | Velsof

Ensure that your site is accessible on multiple devices and screen types.

As per the recent report of Google based on the nature of web search, most of the online searches are done through mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. Understanding the increased use of mobile devices, it is important to optimize websites for multiple mobile devices and screen types. Work towards making your site mobile friendly and easily accessible on various mobile based devices for improved search engine optimization rankings. Do take the help of a reputed web development services company that can guarantee you a website optimized for mobile devices.

5. You are not offering unique content for different platforms- Remember that the real estate area in a desktop website and mobile site are entirely different from each other. You can’t render the same content on both platforms as it would affect the loading time and content accessibility. Due to the non availability of separate content for each platform, the online visibility and presence of a website are affected to a great extent. It is important to generate specific content for mobile devices and desktops for enhancing customer engagement and eCommerce conversions.

In the end…

These are some of the few SEO mistakes but the list does not end here. However, these are some of the common mistakes that are knowingly or unknowingly committed by various site owners. So, don’t wait for the things to get worst but implement the right search engine optimization techniques that can work for your website without any trouble.

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