For any business entity, management of inventory system is a crucial task as it affects the day- to- day functioning of your business. If you are unable to manage inventory for your business, there are chances of losing initial business lead to your rivals. Further, inventory management becomes a complicated task when you have multiple stores to manage. Doing all this manually can prove to be a nightmare as it takes much time and increases the rate of committing errors. In order to simplify this scenario, this complete inventory management process has been made automated with the help of this PIMS system.

Benefits of PIMS in real time business environment

No store owner would like to spend his/her hard earned money on any application that may not sound to be much useful in the real time business scenario. If you are not sure abut how it can help your business, you need to take a look at its various advantages.

  • Saves time that is spent on managing inventories for multiple stores.
  • Eliminates chances of errors during inventory management.
  • Single point product management.
  • No need for separate updations on each and every store.
  • Suitable for business owners with multiple stores.

Functioning of PIMS

The functioning of PIMS is quite simple and does not require any expert assistance. First, the products are added through excel sheets on the server of the PIMS system. Multiple stores are connected with the main server of the PIMS system. Each store consists of APIs that allow them to exchange information with the PIMS server. The user have to make the desired changes on the main server only and there is no need to make changes on each and every connected store. Once the required changes are done on PIMS system, the data is sent to all other connected multiple stores. In this way, the changes done on the centralized PIMS system is automatically reflected to all other connected stores.

Thus, gone are the days when you have to update the changes in your inventory control on multiple stores one by one which was not only time consuming but also boring. So, reinvent your inventory management system by availing the wonderful services of this PIMS system.


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