How can Magento Enterprise Development bring a change in your eCommerce business?

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How can Magento Enterprise development bring a change in your eCommerce business? | Velsof

Try out the Magento Enterprise development services of Velocity for a promising Magento store.

It is important always to have something extra in your eCommerce site to beat your rivals in a close contested fight to grab higher conversions and sales. Although, Magento is one of the most popular CMS platforms but with changing times, it is important to include new exciting features in your Magento store. There would be less functionalities in an open source Magento edition which puts restriction on the functionality of your Magento store.

To help out Magento store owners in distress, this Magento Enterprise development services comes as a brilliant solution. This paid Magento edition is packed with a wide range of features and functionalities that can optimize the performance of your Magento site. Let us check out the features of this Magento edition that can improve the business fortunes of a Magento site.

Offers great functionality and traffic engagement-

This Magento Enterprise development services can offer exciting features and look to your Magento store for grabbing instant customer attention and conversions. Our company Velocity can provide amazing Magento services to numerous customers around the world for improving customer engagement, site traffic and product sales.

Provides Solr search facility-

With the availability of Solr search facility, it is now easier for Magento site owners to find the required products with great ease. This search feature present on Magento Enterprise development edition provides product search facility at real time basis for delivering instant results. In this way, product searching is greatly simplified with the presence of Solr search facility in Magento Enterprise edition.

Ensures better data security and online payment-

One of the wonderful feature of this Magento Enterprise development edition is its secure online payment facility. The presence of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant system makes customer more confident  while making an online payment due to strong data encryption services. Further, with the assistance of Magento development services of Velocity, customers can be sure of making a secure online payment on an eCommerce site.

Features like multi- language support, roll back up services and backup management

This Magento Enterprise development services are packed with wide range of services and features that can take your online business to great heights. This paid Magento edition arrives with RMA (Request Material Authorization) feature that allows product returning in a flawless manner. Apart from this, there are other excellent features like rollback option, data backup management, faster reindexing, mobile friendly stores and multi language support for providing a unique online shopping experience to customers.

So, it is time to add new functionality and feature to your online store with the help of this Magento Enterprise development services. You can avail the best Magento Enterprise development services of Velocity by giving us a call on the number +91-120-4243310 or sending us an email at [email protected] for ensuring an engaging Magento store.

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