Shopify eCommerce Development Services: 5 Different Types!!

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Shopify is one of the most used CMS platforms for building eCommerce websites. Although, there are several options available such as WooCommerce and OpenCart for the seller community. Yet, Shopify eCommerce development is considered one of the top-ranked. The reason behind the same is that even a non-technical person can create a Shopify store and start selling online within a few steps.

Shopify is developed on PHP which is the favorite language for web developers. Although the platform provides a lot of inbuilt amazing features which save you from coding. Yet, you might need eCommerce web development services in case you are going for different Shopify eCommerce development services.

Thus, in the following article, we have covered the 5 most popular and in-demand types of Shopify eCommerce development.5 most popular and in-demand types of Shopify eCommerce development.

1. Shopify Web Development:

The platform provides tons of rich options to create a lucrative and sounding web front end. However, at the same time, Shopify is an open-source CMS platform. This means you can add as many modifications as you want to your Shopify eCommerce store. For the same reason, the first and most popular kind of Shopify development service is Shopify Web development.

In case you have sound knowledge of PHP, you can take care of the task on your own. Moreover, various top-ranked eCommerce web development agencies like Velsof provide Shopify Web Development services at very affordable prices.

2. Shopify Theme Development:

The entire look and feel of an eCommerce website depend on the shop theme. Not only a Shopify eCommerce theme defines the User Interface of a Shopify website. But also impacts the user experience a lot.

Thus, the online merchant community gets vast paid and free Shopify theme options which ensure to meet the user expectations. However, if you are looking for modifications in your current Shopify theme or want to build a fresh Shopify theme from scratch. You can find a Shopify theme development agency to fulfill your requirements.

3. Third-Party Migrations:

Apart from Shopify, there are other CMS platforms too that offer eCommerce websites without any special coding skills. For example, WooCommerce, Magento 2, PrestaShop, and Opencart are some of them.

Because of the huge popularity of Shopify, nowadays eCommerce sellers are shifting their shop platforms from other CMS to Shopify. However, it requires a fine amount of technical knowledge. In case you are willing to migrate your third-party CMS platform with Shopify, you can always find us at [email protected] for a quick estimation.

4. Third-Party Integrations:

Nowadays, there is term “Multi-Channel-Selling is becoming the favorite of the eCommerce seller community. For those who do not know much about multi-channel-selling. It is a concept that allows eCommerce store admins to sell their store’s products on multiple platforms at the same time.

For a better example, you can consider a Shopify merchant selling his products on marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon and managing entire stock and order management from his Shopify store.

Nowadays, the term is becoming popular because it provides peace of mind against managing sales and customer data manually. Thus, in case you are having an idea of multi-channel selling and want to sell your products on multi-vendor marketplaces, you are going to hire a Shopify Web Development service for the same.

5. SEO and Marketing Services:

SEO and Marketing Services

Building a brilliant eCommerce website and getting sales from it, are two different concepts. In the past decade if you are having a fully functional eCommerce website, just a few marketing tactics were enough to make a brand famous among the youth. As time changes, it is much harder nowadays to get a brand noticed by consumers.

For the same, you will require SEO as well as social media Marketing to promote your online Shopify business. For the same, you can also take care of the marketing side at your end, or having a professional eCommerce marketing service on board is always a better idea.

In the end,

Shopify has become one of the favorite CMS platforms of the seller’s community within a very short span. Not just because of less complexity but also because you will not have a purchase a hosting service separately for building your online shop. Thus, after having all the amazing features on board, you have the advantage of customizing and managing your online shop with an easily manageable Shopify backend. Moreover, in case you are having queries about Shopify Web and App Development services, you can always drop us a mail at [email protected].

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