Role of Social Media Marketing Visuals to Promote your Brand in 2015

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Social media marketing has gone visual these days. These days visual social media platforms are taking the lead on the traditional text-based channels. Majority of social media platforms these days utilizes images and videos to boost their content, however the most effective way to make the most of visual marketing is through social media channels.

This provides an interactive way for online retailers to market their products across the globe. With regards to image based social media, there appear to be various platforms which seem similar in offering identical services. Social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, SlideShare and Vine are the most appropriate visual social media channels that you should think about choosing. These platforms provide visuals that represents your brand strongly.

If your business is still lacking these visual elements, then this is the right time, you should give a start on.

Engage your targeted audiences with Visual Elements on Social Networks-

As far as user engagement is concerned, Instagram far outweighs the engagement rate of Pinterest, possibly due to the fact that Instagram has over double the amount of active users, especially all youngsters. Additionally, “Instagram’s user engagement has over 50 times the engagement rate of Facebook, as well as 20 times the engagement rate of Twitter”, according to a recent research.

Which Social Network is Right for Your Business?

Instagram has gained over 100 million users and more than 40% leading brands in the last 2 years. Instagram is active for businesses as it provides them access to an extensive and engaged mobile user base through visual content.

You could benefit from being on Instagram if you are an online retail business and have excellent photos of your products. Instagram audience would provide feedback about your products with comments, which is effective than Pinterest, where users tend to like and pin more than commenting.

Pinterest is different from Instagram as it does not require users to sign up for an individual account to browse or view pins. Although the number of users are comparatively low than Instagram, it can be an ideal platform for online business with videos or photos of your products. The popular and relevant pins could be visible to users interested in your products. It will be a best social marketing tool as it creates excellent content, such as infographics, blog posts or company news.

SlideShare is yet another social media marketing platform which can be used for creating effective presentations. It is one of the largest community for sharing presentations online. The top 3 reasons you must use SlideShare are-

  • Business to Business Content Marketing- When it comes to Content Marketing, you can address all the phases of sales cycle, targeting your prospect and tailoring your message. You can convey your message in audio, HD video, PDF documents, infographics, and even in live streaming video.
  • B2B Social Media- LinkedIn purchased SlideShare in 2012. Since then the two have become deeply integrated. With LinkedIn’s 160 million members, the power of SlideShare is impressive. But that’s not all. You can also share your slides, video, audio etc. with Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • B2B Branding- You can enhance your brand reputation by publicizing planned events, trade shows as well as your USP. Promoting your USP across various media channels and platforms, helps you distinguish your business consistently.

Other Visual Social Content Platforms- 

Flickr, Snapchat and Vine are some other social media platforms that promote visuals to drive business in front of your targeted audiences. It is usually best to pick one networking platform that allows followers to comment on images and grow brand visibility in a more specific way.

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