What are the components of an effective Web Development and Web Design?

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What are the components of an effective web development? | Velsof

Effective web development is a crucial aspect in determining the success of a website.

The eCommerce market is all about creating a lasting impression in the mind of your customer. The first impression is what the outlook of your website presents to the visitor when he/she lands on your web page. This first impression can make or break the situation for you. Thus, an effective web design is what you need to adopt in order to enhance the possibility of your conversion optimization. However, before you latch on developing an attractive web design, you should be aware of the components of an effective web design. Here, we will discuss the components that make any web development a success.

Components of effective web development

Components of effective web development | Velsof

Most of the e-commerce website owners are unaware about the essential components of effective web development.

Let’s take a look at what all are those components that can make your web development effective.

1. Quick loading:

Waiting is the last thing that you want your customer to do in order to land on your website. A survey conducted on the internet found that around 40% of the visitors abandoned the websites which took more than four seconds to load. This fact is the testimony of how speedy loading is crucial in determining the success of your website. It’s not just about your landing pages, the whole website navigation should occur very quickly if you wan to gain and retain the visitors. We should remember that it takes more to retain a visitor as compared to gaining a new visitor. Bounce backs are more dangerous than the low traffic count. This brings to the next point.

2. Ease of navigation:

After taking care of the proper landing of the customer on your web page the next thing you should ensure is the ease of navigation for the visitor. In this regards, the addition of proper links and call to action buttons can facilitate and direct the customer to locate the target area on your website. If a visitor finds your website clumsy or ambiguous, he will not hesitate to abandon it and look for some other website with better UI.

3. Proper introduction:

Clear description about your business, including its history, vision, market standing and motto is another crucial aspect that adds to an effective web design. This provides an insight to the visitor about you and helps in strengthening the customer connect to your website. Thus, you should give importance to the “About us” section on your website. The more they know about you, the more connected they feel with your online business. Maintaining a transparency about you and your business helps you to gain credibility among the customers’ community.

4. Focus on CTAs:

CTAs are the driver of conversions on your website. Thus, you should give due importance to them while development phase itself. CTAs which are easy to locate are the ones which attracts maximum traffic on your website. If you make the choices easy for them, it becomes more easy for you to gain your conversion goals. Off course, you need to be first sure about what are your conversion goals.

5. Social connects:

Social connects are now a well-known channel to drive conversions, feedbacks, entry and exit on your website. Thus, proper analysis and deliberation should be done on them during the web development phase. Most of the customer that visit on your website will be entering through their social connect. So, ensuring an easy passage for them means ensure the effectiveness of social login feature of your website.

The development phase should include a proper strategy for how you are going to use these social connects to optimize your conversion rates. From, social login to social media optimization, everything is important and should have a proper place in your website development plan itself.

6. Some other aspects:

Font, image quality, quality of content, proper display of contact information, return and shipment policy are some other crucial elements which require sufficient attention while making decisions on the web designing aspect of your website. These are design considerations that should be especially taken care of while theme development or template development of your website. This phase has a great role in your business plan as it will decide the level of proficiency of the UI and UX of your website.

7. Proper placement:

All the above considerations will go in vain if you have not focused on proper placement and structuring of these components on your website. Thus, a good importance has to be given to this aspect as it can spoil the party for you despite making all the necessary arrangements.

Final say

Having an effective web development strategy will always help you in reaping rich dive-dents. The key is to know the components. In this regards, the points mentioned in this article can really come in handy while developing an effective web design.

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