Things you should look for in eCommerce Theme Development Company

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Things you should look for in eCommerce theme development company | Velsof

Theme development company play a crucial role in running your website.

An effective theme stands at the core of your eCommerce website. An effective theme enhances the outlook of your web page and multiplies the chances of conversion. In order to enhance the visitor appeal of your website, you need to make certain customization with the theme of your website. Here you require the help of a company who is dedicated in providing such services. Before appointing any company to provide these services, you need to check the company on certain parameters. This analysis of the company is important as they will be taking care of a crucial part of your website which can either make or brake the situation.

Things to consider while appointing theme development company

Now, we will look at the various areas where you should give a look before going on to appoint a theme development company.

Things to consider while appointing theme development company | Velsof

Varieties of theme development companies are available, making an informed choice is crucial.

1. Supporting services:

The first thing you should look for is the support services provided by the company. You should clarify all the question regarding support services like, are they charged or free? Is there 24×7 support provided? How long it takes for a support query to be responded? Asking these questions are of relevant significance as, if not clarified early can lead to a situation with drastic consequences.

2. Adherence to coding standards:

The next important thing that you should look for is that weather the template developing company is following the proper HTML and CSS coding standards or not. Generally, the coding standards laid by W3C are followed by every theme development company so as to maintain a coherence in the codes. This makes it easy for the other developers to work the pre-coded projects.

3. Flexibility in update:

This is one thing which become extremely crucial especially with various technological advancement taking place in eCommerce arena. You should check that weather or not the developed theme is flexible with third party modules or other such software used by your store. A theme development standard for every platform has been defined. If followed properly, the theme won’t conflict with any third party module following the standards of the platform. For example, PrestaShop theme development is done by following the standards laid by PrestaShop and W3C so that other third party modules work without any issue on these themes.

4. Responsiveness:

Considering the amount of traffic driven by mobiles and tablets these days, the significance of a responsive website can’t be bogged down. Thus, the theme for your website should be responsive so as to cater the need of wider visitor base that is both mobile as well as PC audience. A visitor looking at your site on a mobile device should not be presented with a desktop site and vice-versa. Even Google stresses on the need for focus on mobile users. Trust me, you don’t want to mesh with Google in mobile SEO considerations.

5. SEO ad-aptness:

Another thing which you shall focus upon is the SEO friendliness of your website’s theme. You should not adopt a theme which cuts down your chances of attaining higher search engine rankings.

6. Browser compatibility:

The last thing you need to ensure is cross-browser compatibility of your theme. That is weather or not the theme is compatible with various browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc.


Testing the theme development company in the per-text of above mentioned criteria provides you a better chance of selecting an efficient theme development services. Keeping in mind the importance of an effective theme for the outlook of your eCommerce website, the decision made should be a informed and logical one.

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