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Google makes it easy to search on mobile

  • By Nitin Jain
  • April 20, 2015

URL structure is how your website URL looks to search engines and searchers. It gives a quick understanding of the page headline and content. For helping mobile searchers understand your website in a more precise and better way, Google has recently updated an algorithm that displays URL’s in search results to help reflect website names in an actual and better way.

This new way of presenting URL’s reveals the actual name of website instead of domain name and the URL structure of sites in breadcrumbs-style format.

For Example- Google> about> company> history

Google Mobile

Besides this update, Google has also launched unveiling support for schema.org structured data for websites to signal to the algorithms.

For further information and code examples, Google has provided its documentation for site names and breadcrumbs.

These changes are implemented only for mobile results whereas the site name change is US-only as of now and breadcrumb format is made available worldwide.