Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Development

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The number of smartphone users is growing every month. With more and more users depending on their gadgets for internet browsing, the number of apps in the Apps Store has also gone up. According to the stats, the number of apps has grown exponentially in the last year. The impetus behind this growth has been a trend known as ‘mobile-first’, where businesses are considering mobile devices, rather than the web, as the primary mode of communication with their customers.

With the ease of transitioning your business from mobile website to mobile app, the businesses are looking for mobile app development services that would flawlessly do the job. But, before you head towards getting the mobile app developed, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Would it feasible to hire a team of developers or outsource the task?
  • What is the deadline for introducing the app?
  • How much can you invest?
  • What are the developer’s qualities (if you are considering this option) that I am looking forward to?
  • In case of outsourcing, do I need to judge whether the codes are well written or not?; and more

With these questions being asked to yourself and answered, you’ll be able to decide whether it’ll be better for you to hire a team or outsource the entire thing.

The best options for a small business or a start-up would be to outsource the task. However, you should evaluate the agency that you’re outsourcing the job to.

When you are hiring a mobile development agency for your Android app development or iOS app development, you should be certain of the working standards of the agency and the relevant experience in the field. As expert level will be low in start-up, outsourcing will be the best-suited option in order to overcome the budget and the timeline.

But the question still remains the same – why outsource your mobile app development?

Following are the reasons that will help you get a better understanding of the same.

Ease of your pocket

Save Money

When it comes to outsourcing, you certainly cut down your expenditure on various things including the infrastructure, resource cost, overhead and more. Moreover, an added advantage of the same would be more efficient at work and increased productivity. As a result, you would get the job done in a particular time-frame with enhanced productivity without spending a lot of money.

Saves time

Save Time

Outsourcing means that you are paying a particular amount to a designated team who will do the respective job with all the focus. Hence, when you outsource, you are saving time because the team will work on the app development faithfully. As a result, there are chances that your app is ready even before your competitors. In addition, you wouldn’t have to waste time in hiring developers and training them through the whole development process.

Get the work done with expertise


Just as we mentioned earlier in the blog about the team dedicatedly doing their job because they’re expert in the same field. If you plan to get the work done by the in-house team, you wouldn’t be able to globalize the company’s business like the outsourced team would. With all the experience that they have in the relevant field, your outcome will be more comprehensive and businesslike. All you would be required to do is – look for a company whose core is development and appoint one person from your company to stay connected with them. He’ll be responsible for looking whether the work is done systematically or not. You will work with a team who tried-and-true process for developing applications.

End-to-end service


The next benefit in line would be getting end-to-end service for the single payment that you make. With a lot of factors that come to the forefront, the development agency would handle without disturbing you. From the ideation of the app to the technical support, the entire process is seamlessly done. In this way, companies are provided with a protected environment within which to experiment in the mobile app space till they find a niche that works for them.



Offshore development will be responsible for the accuracy of work in terms of deadlines. Hence, you’d get the work done in your time frame without spending a lot of money.


If you are a small business or a start-up you should definitely opt for outsourcing your app development. However, if you are a big company with a lot of employees, you canprefer doing it in-house. App development is a necessity for your eCommerce business if you want to reach out to wider masses.

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