SharePoint 2016 has certain improvements that you should know before upgrading

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SharePoint 2016 has certain improvements that you should know before upgrading | Velsof

Microsoft SharePoint development with SharePoint 2016 has come with list of improvements.

Talking about Microsoft SharePoint development, one cannot just overlook the improvements made in SharePoint 2016 version. There are several cases where SharePoint 2016 proves to be a perfect replacement for older versions. Definitely, the business application of SharePoint 2016 presents the usability, content, as well as performance improvement.

SharePoint 2016 contains a list of improvements in its box that makes Sharepoint development flow effortlessly. From user interface to workflow design everything has just experienced a level up-gradation which according to Microsoft is a USP of the product.

Consistent Global App launcher-

SharePoint 2016 has certain improvements that you should know before upgradingConsistent Global App launcher | Velsof

SharePoint App launcher is more flexible now.

The Global app launcher allows the user to effortlessly navigate across the whole SharePoint architecture. Now the apps like OneDrive can have can show a seamless experience. The user gets an access to pin their sites on the launcher while developers get a seamless way to extend the application across the Office 365.

Simple interface with keyboard shortcuts-

Before 2016, SharePoint was not considered among the easy to use platforms. The tools used by most of the users is now integrated into the default user interface. Now, you need not traverse the whole platform searching for the tools you want to use. One of the most important usability improve in SharePoint 2016 is the access to preview images and videos by just hovering over them or clicking them.

The keyboard shortcuts complement the SharePoint usability. The following keyboard shortcuts has been provided:

Alt + N – New
Alt + E – Edit
Alt + U – Upload
Alt + M – Manage
Alt + S – Share
Alt + Y – Synchronization

Simplified Sharing-

Sharing has always been a USP with this platform. The Microsoft SharePoint development has been simplified further with the option to Share the pages. The user has to simply add a user with whom he wants to share the page, it will automatically apply for the required permissions. You can easily notice these in file storage with collaboration. The new invitations can be easily approved or denied in just one click.

Increased limits of files-

In the earlier version of SharePoint, The limit was to add at most 50 MB file by default. You can now notice that the limit has now grown up to 10 GB. Those struggling with 2 GB limit in earlier version will be definitely motivated by the new 10 GB limit. Though the limits have been improved for the users, the farm admin can still restrict it. So, it might be possible that you as not a farm admin will notice the limit extension.

Character support in file names-

The users from older version of SharePoint like Microsoft SharePoint 2013 must have noticed that they cannot put a special character in the file names. There were certain restrictions in SharePoint 2013 and older version. With SharePoint 2016, the restriction for using special characters like &, +, – etc has been removed. Now you can put the characters in the file name too.

Almost Zero downtime-

Downtime seems like a technical term needing the developers to be involved. However, the actual usage of downtime for maintenance completely involves the user’s interference. With SharePoint’s zero downtime for maintenance, ultimately the perks go to the user itself.

Microsoft claims that SharePoint 2016 has the almost zero downtime with an availability of 99.99 percent. Thus, ensuring that you never receive a mail like “the server is down for maintenance”.

Support for mobile devices-

Mobile phones, and tablets present a different user experience that the desktop views. In order to use your SharePoint system even through the mobile devices, SharePoint 2106 possess a flexible responsiveness to a large number of devices. The mobile views in SharePoint 2016 are much better than they were in SharePoint 2013 and all the previous versions. I can believe that Microsoft would be adding the flawless responsive design to all the rest sections soon.

With better performance and reporting system, Microsoft SharePoint development seems to be a much easier task now. No only, the development, but users too get some important improvement in the UX. With faster search with BITS system, SharePoint is presenting the users with effortless User experience like never before.

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