7 Factors that may be killing the Speed of your Magento site

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7 factors that may be killing the speed of your Magento site | Velsof

Slow Magento site tends to affect the customer engagement and conversion rates for your business entity.

Speed is one of the foremost criteria for judging the performance and working of an eCommerce site. In this tough business scenario, if you can’t make your website load in 2- 3 seconds, it means you are passing away the business opportunities to your rivals. Nobody has the time to wait for the few extra minutes or seconds just to get your website load properly. Even a delay of few seconds can make your targeted customers lose their interest in your site and can completely alienate them from your online business entity. If you are one of the Magento store owners who have been complaining about the slow response and performance of your website, you need to optimize your site by paying attention to the following factors.

1. Non implementation of full page caching-

For store owners who are not working on Magento Enterprise or are not part of Magento Community, there are increased chances that they don’t have full page caching activated on their site. With the help of this single tool, you can significantly improve the performance of your Magento site to a great extent. This step will help in making the optimum utilization of your Magento development services for improving your chances of business growth.

2. Limited size of memory-

With the help of a setting in configuration files, store owners can increase the amount of memory that can be released for the different PHP processes. As, Magento consists of a big heap of memory, you can seamlessly increase the value of allocated memory to 128mB for improving the performance of Magento website while performing several operations.

3. Non- updation of indexes- 

Non- updation of indexes | Velsof

Update the index of your Magento store for improving the performance of your Magento store.

You need to ensure if your indexes are updated or not for the faster performance of your website. If it is not done, you can do it manually through the use of admin panel to save the time which is spent by your Magento site in performing the calculations whenever a user visits a particular page.

4. You are not utilizing Memcache feature-

Memcache is a type of memory object caching tool that store user sessions and other things which are queried in a cache. With the help of this technology, your Magento site can store and recall things at a much faster rate than your server. Most of the eCommerce consulting services often makes use of this technique for improving the performance of Magento based site.

5. Compilation is turned off-

Compilation is turned off | Velsof

Compilation feature of Magento store can optimize the store performance to a great extent.

Due to the presence of simple setting in your admin panel, Magento store owners can seamlessly compile their files into more easily accessible HTML blocks. Most of the companies turn off this feature as it breaks the site.

6. Hacking of the core files by developers-

There are chances that your developers could hack the core files by manually overwriting the Magento files. Although, this factor is mostly ignored while taking steps for improving the performance of your Magento store but it is definitely worth paying attention. If you are experiencing slow performance of your Magento site, it is important to ensure that your core files are not hacked. Our Magento development company, Velocity can ensure you high performance due to its commitment towards customers, cost effective services, talented workforce and a client base spanning across India and overseas.

7. Ineffective hosting services- 

Ineffective hosting services | Velsof

Choose a web hosting service for your Magento store that can provide customized services as per your business requirements.

There can be hosting service provider companies who are not capable enough to provide customized hosting services as per the business requirements of your Magento store. In this scenario, you need to look out for an effective eCommerce consulting services that can provide you hosting services exactly as per your business requirements and expectations.

Don’t let your customers feel bored and irritated with the slow performance of your Magento store but improve its productivity by paying attention to all these elements. Always remember that “Slow website are one of the major killers of conversion rates for your business entity”, so take no chances. If you are still not getting significant improvements in the performance of your Magento site, you can avail the wonderful Magento development services by our company, Velocity that has been the game changer for numerous Magento store owners around the world.

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