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Top Open Source E-Commerce Platforms For Business Organizations (Part 3)

  • By Joe
  • September 1, 2015

In the earlier part of this article, we have already discussed some of the most popular e-commerce platforms that are widely used by numerous business organizations around the world. With this final part of this three part series article, we are back here to discuss some more e- commerce platforms that have made their name and reputation in the field of e- commerce business. Take a note of the following e- commerce extensions for business organizations that can give a new definition and position to your existing online e- commerce store among your business rivals.

SimpleCart- simpleCart is a free and open source shopping cart extension that is based on the JavaScript. Due to its small footprint, it is most efficient for running simple and high customer traffic sites faster. Moreover, the free core of the simple Cart e- commerce platform can effectively work with different payment gateways like PayPal Express, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. Apart from this, steps are also taken to integrate other payment methods like Email checkout and Authorize.Net.

WooCommerce- It is one of the important free open source e- commerce extensions that provides facility to online merchants to change their WordPress sites into the e- commerce stores. The platform was developed by WooThemes through a fork of Jigoshop. It provides a large variety of plugins and themes to its customers through WooThemes and other third party sites like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. WooCommerce is one of the most popular e- commerce platform for WordPress users with a downloads of about 4.5 million through sites like WordPress.org. Users of the platform can get official technical support from WooThemes by purchasing their product or can look out for their answers through the active community forum.

WP e- Commerce- With the help of this platform, business organizations can easily turn their WordPress sites into their e- commerce stores. It is one of the most popular e- commerce platform and has downloads of around 3 million through WordPress.org. By using your HTML code and CSS effects, business organizations can easily design an online e- commerce store of their choice. This e- commerce platform consists of numerous features like multi- tier pricing for providing quantity discounts and integration with various social media networks for marketing purposes.

Jigoshop- Jigoshop is a free and open source e- commerce platform that is based on WordPress. It is a predecessor to WooCommerce and was released in 2011. This platform consists of a vast library comprising of 30 themes, 100 extensions and three theme frameworks. Its support is available at free through WordPress.org but for getting Jigoshop’s community support, individuals have to pay a price of $40 per month.

So, by analyzing the pros and cons of all these e- commerce platforms, business organizations can easily decide the best platform for their online e- commerce store. They are all wonderful in terms of features and functionalities with the added advantage of free availability, so choose the best one depending upon the requirements of your business organization.