4 Reasons That Make Prestashop Sites So Much Popular Among E- Commerce Organizations

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E- commerce world is expanding at a faster rate and new website development platforms are emerging day by day to cater to the huge demand of the online shopping. E- commerce business is seen as the business segment with the unlimited opportunities and a market force of billions of dollars. Although, there are number of e- commerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce and such others but PrestaShop based e- commerce sites have their own significance and importance. Here are some of the benefits of this e- commerce platform that has given it so much recognition among various online business organizations of the world.

It is open source and free in nature-

One of the foremost reason for the huge popularity of this platform is its open source and free availability in the web market. You don’t have to spend any money in purchasing this platform and it can be easily customized according to the needs and requirements of your e- commerce store.

The platform is Search Engine Friendly-

Due to the effective support of the PrestaShop e- commerce platform towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can easily target your online customers so as to attract them towards your e- commerce site. The platform allows easy modifications in the web and subject tag cloud which makes it an effective SEO friendly platform.

Provides facility like animated ‘Add to Cart’-

In order to make online shopping more engaging and easy, there is an important animated ‘Add to Cart’ option for online stores based on this platform. Due to this feature, online buyer can easily add number of product items in their shopping cart and can then finally check out from your e- commerce store later on for payment.

Effective and cost saving development efforts-

Due to the availability of the numerous options and features, sites can be easily designed with the help of this e- commerce platform. It helps in saving a lot of development cost as well as the efforts of the website developers due to its easy user friendly interface and the feature rich web store.

So, it can be easily understood that there are plenty of reasons to choose PrestaShop as your ultimate website development platform. If you are having your e- commerce site in another platform, you can still easily migrate to this wonderful platform and can enjoy its numerous rich features for making your online store more popular and shopping friendly.

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