Gain Customer Trust on Your Website with These!!

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Customer Trust has a very important role when it comes to the success of an eCommerce site. Trust signals allow you to drive conversions on your site- it is one that factor which allows a customer to turn from a visitor to buyer.

There are several strategies you can use to improve trust on your eCommerce site. Ready to drive conversions and revenue, then try these steps-

Including Payment and Shipping Logos

While displaying logos from payment or shipping providers on your site, you are able to show customers that you use popular methods. With this, customers get assured with a secured purchase on your site. These logos can be added manually on your site. Displaying these icons not only increases conversions but also show how authentic and reliable your site is.

Including Social Proof

Social proof is the most powerful trust rewarding element on your site. According to Nielsen’s latest global trust report, 92% of consumers around the world say that they trust earned media above all forms of advertising.

The explosion of social media networking over the last few years continues to have significant impact on online marketing as customers reliance on word-of-mouth has significantly increased.

There are various ways of incorporating social proof in your website. Some of which include-

Social testimonials

Social sharing of purchase

Video Testimonial

Using an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate acts as a powerful tool for virtual authentication. In order to boost your customer confidence and trust, your site must be secured so that your customer’s sensitive information is kept confidential.

If you sell products or services directly from your site and accept credit card payments, it’s good to have SSL. It instills confidence in your customers by making them feel safe to use their credit cards on your site.

Security Seals

On purchasing a SSL Certificate, you automatically get access to security seals. Using trust seals can help improve conversions at checkout since they show that your site is secure. If you have payment service provider, like, you might increase your credibility and gain customer trust.


While being in an eCommerce business, your first goal must be focused in the trust building process. Using them intelligently and by determining the requirements of your audience will help to increase brand awareness as a whole as well as lift conversions too.

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