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Content Marketing Ideas You Must Steal For Success in the Online World

  • By Nitin Jain
  • May 29, 2015

Content Marketing refers to the type of marketing where you engage and build trust amongst your audience by sharing free, valuable and informative content regarding your product and services. This is how you educate and guide people so that they know, like and trust you enough to do business with you. So, if you are interested in marketing your business online, follow these ideas to acquire customers and increase user engagement on your site.

IDEA #1 Invest in Visual Content

Are you still in a “narrative only” mode?

It’s time to jump into visual content! Images are concrete and relate more closely in comparison to a written content. With Digital Technology evolving at a fast pace, marketers are given more and more chance to provide information via the use of infographics, videos, text based images and other visual elements. Including images in your online content is a great way to reach potential customers by stimulating their visual sense. Images are great at stirring emotion and taking people back to specific moment they found enjoyable.

Ecommerce websites, these days involve the use of Infographics to provide necessary, to the point and accurate information to its readers. People are more likely to stop and read the content if infographics has reached them on some level. The happier you are with an image, the more likely it will be in reaching potential customers.

Visual content has an added advantage over written content, i.e. it captures and draws attention of users to your site. Visuals act as a magnet to pull readers in. It is easy to understand and conveys the meaning quickly without wasting much of time.

Why Use Visual Content

  1. Easy to recall for readers
  2. Increases User Engagement
  3. Increase in Page Views
  4. Maximizes Conversions
  5. Motivates visitors to shop from your
  6. Creates Brand Awareness

IDEA #2 Go Social

Sell directly from your social media pages by sharing content, images, videos and suggestions by engaging customers online and quickly. The top most social media platforms which businesses use for marketing are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These platforms are being used because of their increased potential for user engagement and targeting audiences. Besides, there are other platforms like Snapchat, Vine, Google+ and SlideShare where one can promote content for increasing customer engagement.


  • Creating and sharing content on social media increased brand awareness
  • Reaching your audience with social content marketing is easy
  • Posting content like blogs and videos increases brand reach and customer engagement
  • Increases huge customer base by sharing content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

In addition to it, content sharing on social media sites develops an active presence that lets you in demand amongst your targeted audiences. Active social media profiles, in turn drives traffic back to your site and help your business rank well on search engines.

Increase the value of your content by posting an infographic or video on Facebook page and gather some clicks to complement your business with content marketing on social networks.

IDEA #3 Do not forget to integrate your content with SEO

Content marketing and SEO are closely inter-related. Content marketing for a website gains higher SEO, when rendered effectively. For an organization, a dedicated focused and ongoing SEO strategy requires content marketing of a good quality. A website with relevant content optimization fulfills the overall purpose of SEO.

Higher search engine ranking draws many new and existing visitors and converts them into leads and sales. Integrating content with SEO offers-

  • Maximized brand awareness
  • Long term positioning
  • Expands business

A well written content makes good internet marketing and SEO traffic; therefore you need to write a content that talks logical and provides information that visitors are looking for. When planning content marketing activity, you should always consider organic search benefits to ensure that SEO is supporting your content marketing efforts. All you can do is focus on-

  • Keyword Research
  • Focus on quality and not quantity
  • Reviewing content effectiveness
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO

IDEA #4 Share Information via Blog Commenting

Leaving comments on other blogs and forums is an ideal way to drive targeted visitors to your web page. This is done by identifying blogs within your specific niche market and then simply adding useful comments to those blogs. Comments that you post on blogs within your market niche should be written so that they capture interest of viewers and then drive them to your personal site.

Advantages of blog commenting-

  • Building natural back-links to your site
  • Commenting on blog further strengthens your message and influence as an expert
  • It provides the opportunity to develop relationship with someone who has similar interest as you and gives you potential source to conduct future joint ventures.


So, if you are focusing to distribute and share quality content this year, then incorporate these strategies in your marketing plan for availing the highest return on your business.