Few Design Elements Of 2015 That Can Enhance The Look And Appearance Of Your E- Commerce Store

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Look and appearance of your online store play a crucial role in driving the customers towards your business organization. It is a well known fact that “Anything which influences or pleases your eyes is sure to make a significant impact on your mind as well”. Moreover, a visually appealing e- commerce store can compel a site visitor to browse through your site and its advertised products for the purpose of making an online purchase. Although, there are numerous web designs that can be chose and followed by various online stores but there are some of the exciting e- commerce web designs of 2015 that are trending high among numerous online store owners.


Hidden menus design for mostly mobile sites- Due to the limited screen size and the restricted navigation facility on your mobile site, most of the site elements and icons are hidden until and unless they are needed. It helps in the easy navigation throughout the site and promotes clutter free site design. However, these web designs are not just limited to mobile sites and is actively used by e- commerce stores that have a site presence on various desktops and laptops with a comparatively larger screen.


Responsive design for larger screens- Responsive design are not targeted for mobile based devices like smart phones and tablets only but are increasingly becoming popular among large screen devices like desktops, laptops or smart televisions. This is because the revenue share of numerous e- commerce stores like Firebox and Skiviez are driven by large screen devices which generates the need for responsive web designs that can automatically fit according to the screen size available at the user premises.

Few-design-elements-of-2015-that-can-enhance-the-look-and-appearance-of-your-e--commerce-store-2Flexible and large Typography design- Increased use of the responsive web design among business organizations have also led to the major adoption of the flexible large typography design so as to make your website stand out among your business rivals. Business organizations are becoming more experimenting and bolder in their choice of fonts so as to provide a unique and extraordinary look to their online store. But, do remember that selection of a typography or font should be done keeping in mind the appearance of your site on mobile or desktop screen size and the easy understanding of the website content on various computing devices.


Use of large photography design- Use of the adaptive images have made it possible for various e- commerce sites to load large images on their sites without affecting their site speed and performance. These large images grab the attention of the site visitors easily and are extensively used on the home page of the various websites. Further, e- commerce sites also make use of 360 degree images so as to showcase their product in a better way for improving their product sales and conversion rates.


Video and backgrounds design- Ability of the videos to grab attention of the site visitors easily and their increasing contribution in the product sales have made e- commerce sites to include informative short videos in their website design so as to improve their conversion rates. These short videos helps in explaining about your advertised product in a better way than those lengthy text messages or descriptions.


Material design- This web design was developed by Google so as to provide the same level of user experience to various users who are using different types of computing devices. This feature is actively used by Google in the recent updates of the Android and it is possible that it might be used by other e- commerce stores in the near future.

So, these are some of the web designs that can provide your business organization an edge in terms of the visual appeal and online popularity. By incorporating any of these designs, you can easily compel your site visitors to spend a considerable amount of time on your site so as to boost your chances of conversion rates and product sales.

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