Checkout Strategies That Can Win Customers For Your E- Commerce Site

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It is often seen that numerous online shoppers who come on an e- commerce site often left empty handed due to the complex checkout process that add up to their multiple worries that are encountered during online shopping. No customer would love to shop online from an e- commerce site which are too hell bent in asking unnecessary personal information than ensuring a simple and easy checkout process. Although, various e- commerce organizations are taking various steps and initiatives to tackle this humongous issue but still nothing substantial has been achieved in this direction. In order to help you in your efforts, here are some of the e- commerce checkout tips that can help in increasing your conversion rates and product sales for your e- commerce organization.


Guide your customers with step by step assistance and necessary instructions- While making your customers fill various information on your checkout page, you can provide them step by step follow- up tips and instructions whenever you know they are sure to ask for guidance and help like filling up of their credit card information and other such details. You also need to guide customers about the position and placement of 3- 4 digit number security codes like CVV/CID that are required during the online payment through credit card or debit card. Further, you need to shorten up your lengthy checkout process with a simple three step process so as to encourage customers to purchase through your e- commerce store. It will help them to complete their checkout related formalities with great ease and will instill their faith and confidence in your e- commerce site.


Include various payment icons that are supported by your e- commerce organization to inform people about the multiple payment options supported by your site- Often, customers are not interested in completing the checkout formalities if they are unable to find the payment option of their choice. To avoid such situation and to make checkout process more streamlined and easy, you need to find out the popular payment options among your customers and should include them in your checkout page so as to make your customer more comfortable while making online payment.

Inform people about the possible processing time of their orders- There are customers who want to know the time of the arrival of their ordered goods and the number of days required for the processing of their ordered goods. This becomes one of the prime concern for the people who opt for delivery options like overnight shipping for the immediate delivery of their ordered goods. In this case, you need to inform these type of customers that their ordered goods would reach their place on the same day only if the order is placed before a certain interval of time as the ordered products are then left for dispatch after that scheduled time interval.

Provide information about the military addresses- Most of the online shoppers don’t know how to ship products for their near and dear ones who are servicemen and servicewomen. This is because all the military addresses are U.S. based irrespective of the deployment areas of the U.S. army. Further, e- commerce organizations should include state selections like AA, AE and AP while shipping orders for military addresses.


Allow shoppers to make final changes in their shopping cart items- There are chances that a shopper may want to make final changes in his/her shopping cart like addition of new products, removal of existing products, increase/decrease in the quantity of products or other such changes. This entire process could only become easier if you provide a link to your shopping cart so that online shoppers could seamlessly make changes in their shopping carts while making the final payment.

Provide customers option to engage with your customer service representatives- Sometimes, customers do want clarification about certain things before making final payment at the checkout process. In these circumstances, if you can’t provide an easy way for people to interact with your customer service representatives, you are sure to lose a product sales opportunity. To avoid this situation, you need to provide a direct chat link or telephone number of your customer support services so that customers can effortlessly talk to your customer support and can complete their pending checkout process by resolving their checkout related issues.


Point out the checkout related errors in the front of the problem causing fields for easy correction- Often, customers completing their checkout formalities are not able to diagnose the actual root cause of the problem which has denied the completion of their checkout process. Due to this, it becomes difficult for them to find the areas in the checkout forms that are causing the problem and are unable to correct them accordingly. In order to avoid inconvenience to your customers, you need to show the problem areas or error causing fields in a different color other than the rest of your fields in the checkout process so that customers can easily detect the problem areas and can make required corrections.

Include only relevant information and fields in your checkout forms- It is one of the tried and tested tips that too much of irrelevant information and fields during the checkout process often alienates the customers while making the final payment. So, include what is relevant to your payment process so as to keep your customers hooked to your business organization and checkout process.

These are some of the mind blowing tips that can surely make the checkout process of your e- commerce organization more engaging and simple for your targeted customers. You will be surprised to learn how much impact these minor changes in your checkout forms will have on the conversion rates and product sales of your e- commerce site.

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