Trending Types of eCommerce Websites: eCommerce Web Development

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The modern market is completely driven by eCommerce. Following the same reason, the merchant community comes up with unique business ideas. Accordingly, based on the targeted audience and business ideas: creates the demand for different eCommerce website modules. Thus, if you have a brilliant idea for Business 2 Consumer or Business to Business eCommerce, you will require an eCommerce website development service.

Even some businesses are using hybrid business modules means combinations of 2 or more business categories. Instance, you can check out Uber. The platform is using Business to Business and Consumer to Consumer models at the same time.

In detail, as far as the eCommerce business industry is growing. It is taking eCommerce website development along with it. Thus, even eCommerce is growing at a much faster rate. Yet, the business categories are divided into 4 divisions.

Types of eCommerce Websites

1.  B2C:

B2C stands for Business to Consumer business category. Undoubtedly, it is one of the oldest and most famous business segments in the online and offline markets. Well, in the online B2C business category, the vendors simply require a website where the consumers can hover over and purchase their favorite products. But in the end, you will require a professional web development agency to take care of your requirements.

Also, there is a huge scope in the market for the Business to Consumer business segment. The reason behind the same is that not only modern users spend more time on B2C shopping. But also, offline shopping even vanishes from modern lifestyles.

Thus, in case you are looking to enter the B2C eCommerce market arena. The current time is holding the best opportunities for you.

But while going for B2C eCommerce web and app development. Not only will you require the front-end methodologies but also an admin panel where you can easily manage all of your data and other information.

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2.  B2B:

Business to Business is the second most popular business category in the market. In the following segment, online businesses provide goods, services, or subscription services to other businesses. As an example, in the B2B segment, the vendors deal in products that are unworthy directly for the end users. Bulk orders, business subscription charges, and special discounts only for businesses are some of the best examples of B2B websites. Regarding the market scope, the Business-to-Business module completely depends on demand and supply. Although it has a huge marketing scope, it cannot compete with the B2C website category.

While taking care of Business-to-Business eCommerce development. It requires adding some modifications in the B2C web development modules. Furthermore, it is always good to prepare high-level requirement documents along with the business goals before approaching a B2B eCommerce web development service.

3.  C2C:

Consumer to Consumer

Consumer to Consumer is the latest online business category. Although, c2c businesses are in the market for a long time ago. Yet, the Consumer-to-Consumer business category came to light, especially after the launch of multi-Vendor marketplaces.

In detail, c2c businesses connect buyers and sellers on a particular platform. The earning source for the c2c businesses is mostly known as commissions. Although entering the c2c market is quite challenging. But if you put every brick in place, you are going to make huge numbers in the segment. Even major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are the perfect examples of c2c markets.

4.  C2B:

The following business category is a bit underrated but has the most opportunities for newcomers. Consumer to business category includes the services like handmade products, spaces on websites for business advertising, and freelancers. In detail, when an individual provides something to a business at a cost, the process becomes C2B.

Even social media marketing services agencies also come under the C2B business category. Thus, there is not much work required in building a C2B eCommerce Website for the eCommerce web development agencies like Velsof.

Moreover, in case you are having an eCommerce business plan in your mind and looking for a detailed requirement discussion, you can always find us at [email protected].

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