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Benefits of eCommerce Consulting Services for your online business

  • By Joe
  • March 6, 2017
Benefits of eCommerce consulting services for your online business | Velsof
E-Commerce consulting services provide several services in different domains.

Online commerce has become a necessity nowadays. From customers’ as well as from a business man’s point of view, eCommerce has open some new doors of possibilities. Let’s not forget the role of eCommerce platforms who have lowered the cost of eCommerce setup so effectively. Going more deeper into the eCommerce business setup, I wonder if having an eCommerce website is enough to launch a successful eCommerce business?

If setting up an eCommerce website have become so accessible, then why not every businessman just launch an eCommerce site and start earning huge profits? The answer is, eCommerce business is not just about having a website. It is about receiving orders, fulfilling the orders, shipping them to the customers, managing the website, coordinating with shipping services and most of all maintaining the sales rate despite enormous competition from rival eCommerce sites.

It is where eCommerce consulting services come into the picture that provides the multiple services to manage an eCommerce business. Here, I am going to discuss some important services that are provided by these eCommerce consulting services to facilitate a smoothly running eCommerce business.

1. E-Commerce development services-

E-Commerce development services mainly deals with website development related services which include, selection of an eCommerce platform, template development, plugins and extension development and all the feature extension related services. E-Commerce platforms provide a base for the website launch. However, these platforms do not possess various functionalities by default that can boost your sales and assure your existence in the massive competition. To grab the opportunities and sales with your eCommerce site, it is very important to acquire eCommerce consulting services that will integrate the advanced features and functionalities in your website.

2. SEO and eCommerce consulting services-

Having an eCommerce website is not enough to survive the competitive market of online commerce. You have to be extravagant and always forward in grabbing the opportunities. Before doing so, it is very important that your website and its pages are shown on the first page of the various SERPs whenever a search is made in your business domain. This visibility is assured by another type of eCommerce consulting services called as SEO services. The SEO services are provided by an eCommerce consulting company to define a clear visibility in the SERPs for your website and its products. An eCommerce website which is not listed on the first page of the SERP for its keywords is equal to not having a website at all.

3. Google shopping integration

Google is one of the most used and most popular search engines on this planet. A large number of users use Google to search for various products and services each second. Google shopping is a listing from Google search engine where the products mapped with various eCommerce sites are shown directly on the Google SERPs. It makes the shopping very easy for the customers and a large number of customers use this platform for shopping online. Through the eCommerce consulting services you can as your eCommerce service provider to manage your listing on the Google shopping. The eCommerce consulting company will take care of each and every aspect for you- from product mapping to ensuring visibility on the top listings of Google shopping.

4. Inventory management system

For any eCommerce business, managing the inventory system is an important task. If you are unable to manage your website’s inventory then there are chances that you might lose you business to the rivals. Moreover, inventory management is not a simple task in eCommerce business. Popular eCommerce websites keep separate teams to manage the inventory system. If you try to do it all by yourself alone, it might give you the nightmares as it takes a very a large amount of time and effort. In order to make this task easier, you can rely on the automated Product Inventory Management System from your eCommerce consulting services which will take care of the inventory without giving you nightmares.

An automated PIMS is beneficial for your business because of it :

Saves time that might be lost on managing inventories for multiple stores.
Minimizes the chances of errors .
Makes the process more synchronized across different systems.